Five steps to having the perfect “Squadsgiving”

Squadsgiving is the hip version of friends-giving. Get your squad together for a night of food and fun with your friend-family. Follow these tips to make sure your squadsgiving is as organized and as festive as possible

1. Set a date ahead of time

With varying schedules, you’ll want to make sure everyone in the squad can make it. Most people have family obligations on the day of Thanksgiving, so an alternative day may work better your particular squad, or perhaps a squadsgiving brunch with a menu of mimosas, pumpkin spice pancakes and sausage.

2. Delegate a task to each squad member

The host will be responsible for cooking the main course, whether that is turkey, ham, turducken or what have you. Assign side dishes, desserts and drinks to each squad member so that everyone is responsible for a part of the meal.

3. Take into account any dietary needs

Get a survey from every squad member on any allergies or diets so that everyone who is cooking can take special consideration. You should already know this information though.

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4. Make sure your space can accommodate the squad

Not all squads are created equal. Some are big and some are small. Make sure that — whoever the host is — that they can manage the amount of people in the squad and that everyone has a place to sit as well as a table setting. Card tables can work wonders.

5. Create the perfect playlist

Designate the perfect squad DJ to play some festive music while you are eating and socializing.