Find the key to a capella with free event

A capella greets the town with a special event held on campus.

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Photo credit: Jian Bautista

It’s not a UAA event, but held at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium on Friday, Oct. 26 is a workshop hosted by Alaska Sound Celebration that can get anyone’s a capella in tune.

Alaska Sound Celebration, an all-female a capella chorus and chapter of Sweet Adelines International, is putting on this free event, called “So You Want to Sing A Capella?”

“We want to bring that to the forefront of our community and provide an opportunity for others to know how they can participate, whether that is forming their own group or joining ours,” Christy Hedrick, marketing coordinator of Alaska Sound Celebration, said.

The event will feature Deke Sharon, the “father of modern a capella.” Sharon is the musical producer behind all three “Pitch Perfect” movies, as well as producer of NBC’s “The Sing Off.” Sharon started an a capella Disney tour called “DCapella” and was the founder of the male a capella group, The House Jacks, who performed at UAA’s A Capella Festivella in 2017.

The biography on his website says that he’s “responsible for the current sound of modern a cappella, having created the dense vocal-instrumental sound in college, subsequently spreading it around the world.”

Sharon has published five books, and one is titled the same name as the event. He will give live demonstrations at the event and talk about today’s a capella world.

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“A cappella is perhaps the most immediate, powerful way we can knit back our communities and society, as people come together and realize they have far more in common than they think,” Sharon wrote in an email. “We need each other, and singing a beautiful chord together makes it very clear that what we can create together is far greater than what we can do alone.”

“So You Want to Sing A Capella?” will also feature performances from Alaska Sound Celebration, the Glee Club at UAA and both of Service High School’s and South Anchorage High School’s swing choirs.


“We’re really excited to perform and really excited to stay and see the rest of the show ourselves,” Ryan Brockman, member of the Glee Club at UAA, said.


This one-night event is unlike what Alaska Sound Celebration has put on before.


“As a chorus, we have many internal educational opportunities for our members, but this is the first time we have been able to offer a workshop of this magnitude and caliber to the general public,” Hedrick said. “We want to reach those individuals who lack either the knowledge or confidence, or both, and get them to believe and know that with the right information, tools and instruction, anyone can sing.”


The event runs from 7 – 9 p.m. and doors open at 6:30 p.m. It is free and open to all ages, but due to limited seating ticket reservations must be made in advance at