Finals week tips for students by students

December has arrived and students all over UAA will be preparing for finals this week in various different ways. Three of the most important factors that many students begin thinking about in preparation for finals week include: knowing what’s going on in your classes, prioritizing your time and being in an atmosphere where effective studying can take place.

Although knowing the actual content is important, knowing what specific content will be tested on is also vital. Utilizing resources given by the instructor whether it be a study guide or practice test material is very helpful. Knowing if the final is on a specific section or accumulative is useful information so no time is wasted reviewing untested material.

Knowing what grade you have prior to taking your finals is very important. Senior natural science major Bora Yoon takes her time to assess how she must perform.

“I try to free my schedule and prioritize my time to focus on school work. Also, I have a clear idea of what my course grades are throughout the semester, so when it’s time for final exams I can calculate what I need to do and what to get done in order to get the grade I want in the course,” Yoon said.

Finals week is a week where most students lose a lot of sleep and have poor diets. It is important to note that getting an adequate amount of sleep is important in maximizing your study potential. Avoid eating unhealthy junk food and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Students may also have a hard time concentrating when it comes to studying. It is important to find an environment where you can be focused and productive. Although study groups may be fun, sometimes studying quietly in a room alone can be beneficial.

Junior computer science major Chris Mahan has a specific setup he has to maximize his study.

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“I like to get any kind of energy drink, whether it’s a red bull or coffee as well as some water. I also bring a snack like trail mix and find a quiet spot in the library. Usually, I like to listen to relaxing music, but not too loud so it isn’t distracting,” Mahan said.

Throughout the week stress can build up. Finding a stress reliever in between studying and testing is a good way to keep your sanity throughout the dreadful week. Activities such as running, boxing and doing yoga help students to relieve their stress.

Many students have jobs and commitments outside of school and it can quickly become overwhelming during finals week. Requesting some time off prior to set aside time to study is not a bad idea.

In the case where taking time off isn’t an option, prioritizing your time is huge. Mark Villasin, a full-time student with a full-time job, organizes his week so he knows what exactly he needs to do throughout the week.

“I am a full-time student and a full-time employee at GCI which means I have little time to study. This is why it is important to manage my time wisely because I don’t have much room for comfort to be slacking off. Typically when I study, I tend to study at night or right after class since those are my most open time slots. Regularly, I find myself looking for time but you make with what you got,” Villasin said.

Whether studying means raising or maintaining a grade, finals week can be harsh. Time is precious and finding ways to best utilize that time is key.