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Foundation taking nominations for Alaska environmental heroes

The Alaska Conservation Foundation is taking nominations to recognize writers, artists, teachers and volunteers for their contributions to protecting Alaska’s environment. Since 1980, the foundation has distributed awards to members of Alaska’s community who have, in a variety of ways, worked to raise awareness of Alaska’s conservation issues or protect Alaska’s environment. In 2006, awards will be given to volunteers, professionals, public officials, high school seniors, artists, teachers and Alaska Native writers who have supported Alaska’s conservation movement. Nominations will be taken until March 15, and forms are available online on the Alaska Conservation Foundation’s Web site at www.akcf.org. For more information, visit the Web site or call 276-1917.

UAA professor writes world’s first stage adaptation of ‘Adam’s Rib’

Theater professor David Edgecombe has received special permission to write the first stage adaptation for “Adam’s Rib,” a 1940s movie starring Katherine Hepburn. Edgecomb’s production stars his wife, UAA adjunct professor Elizabeth Ware, in Hepburn’s role. UAA graduate students Paul Schweigert and Kris Root are also working on the production, which shows at Cyrano’s Off-Center Playhouse starting Feb. 17. The play addresses women’s professional progress since the 1940s, and after each performance, different women in the community will be honored for their professional achievements. The opening performance will honor Chancellor Elaine Maimon.


Free lectures, films on Fridays

Alaskans for Peace and Justice teamed up with UAA’s political science and sociology departments to schedule free films and lectures every Friday during February. Movie and lecture topics include Wal-Mart, an Alaskan lawyer working in Afghanistan and Malcolm X’s activities. The films show each Friday at 7 p.m. in the Social Sciences Building, Room 118. In addition to the screenings on campus, “From Vietnam to Iraq,” which documents soldiers’s experiences in the Vietnam War and Iraq, will play at 7 p.m. Feb. 15 at Cafe Felix in Metro Music and Books. Discussions will follow each film. For more information about Alaskans for Peace and Justice, go to www.alaskans4peace.org or call 276-0750.

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Lesbian feminist poet entertains UAA

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

Feminist folk poet Alix Olson performed her slam poetry before an audience of about 100 people Feb. 3 in the Student Union Den. Olson performed poems inspired by people she knew or had met, from female Catholic college students who lied to their college administration to have her perform at their school to Olson’s grandmother, whom Olson sat with during a workshop on female ejaculation at a women’s festival in Michigan, she said. “My mother raised me to tangle with the boys/to take out my thumb and make friends with the boys” are lines from the poem inspired by Olson’s grandmother. Olson alternated her performance between poems and monologues explaining the inspiration for the poems.