Features Briefs

Bookstore hosts Harry Potter party
Hogwarts was in full swing at the UAA Bookstore on Friday, April 20, in celebration of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the final installment in the Harry Potter series that will be released on July 21. Participants were greeted with a card that could be stamped at three activity stations. Activities included the Dobby Sock Station, providing materials to decorate socks. There was also a Tri-Wizard Table with mazes and puzzles. Participants were eligible for a bag of sweets at the Honeydukes Sweet Shop once they received three stamps from each station. During the activities, there were 10-minute recitations of the Harry Potter series in 16 languages ranging from Tlingit to Mongolian. Participants had the chance to speak their best Parseltongue with a 4-foot python from the Alaska Zoo, and anyone who answered a series of questions correctly was eligible to enter a drawing for an iPod Nano. The event also allowed anyone to reserve a copy of the final Harry Potter book for $20.99, 40 percent off the suggested price. The UAA Assembly co-sponsored the event.

Not too late to see “Die Fledermaus” opera
The UAA Opera Ensemble performed a full production of “Die Fledermaus” on Friday, April 20, at the Fine Arts Building. The opera consists of three acts and was composed by Johann Strauss; it takes place in 19th-century Vienna and focuses on Gabriel von Eisenstein, who secretly strays from his marriage to Rosalinda while he indulges in his affairs with young women of the ballet. Rosalinda, however, is no fool and plots to teach her husband a lesson for his disloyalty. During his way to serve a brief jail term for insulting a public official, Eisenstein attends Prince Orlofsky’s party, where he meets a Hungarian countess who turns out to be Rosalinda in disguise. Guest violinist Isaac Park and piano accompaniment provided familiar waltzes during the dancing scenes. The production will continue until Saturday, April 28. Tickets are available at the UAA Fine Arts Box Office or by calling 786-4849.

Warped Tour eyes Alaska bands at ‘Koots

The scene was similar to a high school battle of the bands. Local bands signed up to play at Chilkoot Charlie’s South Side on Saturday, April 21. The musicians weren’t just playing for the audience, but competing for the chance to play in Vans’ Warped Tour this summer. From June until late August, mostly punk and rock bands play shows around the U.S. and draw thousands of crowds. The lineup for this summer includes Bad Religion, Flogging Molly, The Used, Alkaline Trio and more. Alternative band Cry For Help and acoustic act/Hoons band member Russ Perry competed on Saturday. The Affected, Theory Of Hate, and Arize will be competing on April 28, while acoustic band Bullet 4 Daisy is signed up to compete on May 5. Battle to Warped Tour will continue on Saturday, April 28; Saturday, May 5; Saturday, May 12; and Saturday, May 19 from 8 p.m. to midnight. There is no additional cover.