Features Briefs

Concert features Grammy-winning music

The sixth installment of the Jazz Week Benefit Concert Series was held on April 11 in the Fine Arts Building’s recital hall. The concert featured music by Grammy award-winning jazz artist Wayne Shorter and performed by local musicians Kerry Maule, Don Cosgrove, Tom Bargelski, Dirk Westfall and Bob Arms. Shorter is known in the jazz community as an influential saxophonist and jazz composer. He’s worked with artists such as Miles Davis and Art Blakey. Shorter continued his music career as a member of the jazz-rock fusion band Weather Report, which earned him a Grammy award. He’s also received Grammys for his work in the motion picture “Round Midnight” and his solo album “High Life.” The Jazz week Benefit Concert Series will help raise funds for Jazz Week 2008.

‘Brits and their Telly’ ad competition closes

Out North presented a two-hour collection of award-winning ads, called “Brits and their Telly,” from Great Britain from April 5-14. The event is one of Out North’s most popular film events each year. The British Television Advertising’s award for the best commercial of 2007 was Sony Bravia’s ‘Paint’ commercial, involving a clown blowing up paint in two adjacent buildings for a company promoting high-definition television. Other commercials involved crude sexual humor and live clips of drunken passengers to discourage drunk driving. Categories included canned food, cars, charity, international, retail and corporation commercials. The awards for each commercial are divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze.

L.A. comedian yuks it up in Student Union

Comedian Kyle Dunnigan was a refreshing voice in the comedy scene on campus in the Student Union Cafeteria on April 6. Dunnigan, who uses guitar and piano elements for his show, touched on subjects from taking off your socks before sex to humoring his mother. He’s a regular actor on Comedy Central’s “Reno 911” as Officer Weigal’s boyfriend. He’s also been a cast member on Fox Television’s “Cedric the Entertainer.” Dunnigan moved to Los Angeles, where he made his stand-up debut on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. With several commercial appearances under his belt, he’s also been featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and Comedy Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.” Dunnigan lives in Los Angeles and is a regular at the Tropicana Nightclub in Las Vegas. Two of his greatest comic influences are Brian Reagan and Chris Rock. Admission was free for UAA students, and $10 general admission.