Fans next-to-naked at annual horror movie

To kick off Halloween weekend, Student Activities displayed the very essence of the holiday. With a cast that includes a transvestite, people in their underwear and a ghoulish couple who also happen to be siblings, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” could very well symbolize the mischief, chaos and absolute madness Halloween represents. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” an interactive science-fiction comedy that can only be described as a cult classic from dire enthusiasts, played Oct. 26 in the Student Union Cafeteria.

People gathered from all corners of Anchorage, young and old alike, from shirtless Janets to warlocks, to witness the insanity.

“People seem to be really excited. They get really into it and people act out the parts,” said Adrianne Knott, a senior history major who was working the entrance booth.

Lots of people dressed up as characters from the movie. Although there were no transsexual aliens from the galaxy of Transylvania, there were several men in dresses. Also, feather boas were all the rage.

“It’s because in the end they dance with boas,” said Adeline Posma, a first-year accounting major.

“It’s a fun chance to wear a boa,” said Samantha Callister, a first-year marketing major, “There’s no better chance to wear it besides around the house.”

Regardless of the costume hype, people seemed to be especially enthralled with the movie’s interactive quality.

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What first-time viewers may have seen as a sudden outburst of turrets among the crowd was simply the commentary you could expect to hear when watching this movie. Comments ranged from “What’s your favorite color?” to remarks that would make most people cringe. Nonetheless, it appeared to have a positive effect on the crowd.

“It was great,” said Allison Long, a first-year culinary arts major who saw the movie for the first time. “It made it better.”

The movie’s hands-on approach was more enhanced by the live effects coming from the audience. Confetti was thrown during parties and people were misted with spray bottles as characters walked through the rain. Party hats were provided by Student Activities so audience members could partake in a character’s birthday party.

The annual UAA “Rocky Horror” gathering is a tradition that stems back to long before anyone can really remember.

“It was a tradition that used to be put on by UAA Cinema, an organization that was associated with USUAA,” said Beth Smart, associate director of Campus Life. “It’s a long-standing tradition… that was picked up by Student Activities in ‘95-‘96,” Knott said.

The festivities didn’t stop when the movie ended. A raffle was held and people got nearly naked. Two big bags of candy were given away during the drawing and even more prizes were distributed to the costume contest winners.

The first place winner, a Janet look-alike who stripped to her undergarments like the character in the movie, won a DVD player with a free “Rocky Horror” movie. The second- and third-place winners were awarded with scary DVDs.