Express UAA’s needs to new UA president

A changing of the guard has taken place at the University of Alaska.

As has been reported on extensively since former-President Mark Hamilton announced his retirement, those at UAA, and throughout the system, have kept a close eye on the selection of a new president.

That new president is Patrick Gamble.

With new blood that has been introduced into the UA system, we can only hope that it will play out in UAA’s favor. Sure, the president needs to work in the best interest of the entire University system, but let’s face it – the effects of the new president on UAA is probably the biggest point of interest among TNL readers.

It is the time to let President Gamble know what means the most to us at UAA – let him know what we need.

Something that was getting a lot of attention during the previous academic semester is the changing of the anti-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation. Though it is doubtful that this issue has been forgotten so soon, it is imperative that the regents do not move this particular issue to the back burner while they feel out the new UA president.

Though the particulars of changing the anti-discrimination policy may be slightly more complicated than just taking a simple vote, it needs to be addressed soon. It has been put off for too long already.

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Another thing that needs to be fought for is a new sports complex for UAA. It seems that we keep banging the same drum while calling for this sports complex, but the plans that have been formulated over the last couple years need to come to fruition.

UAA’s sports programs have been extremely successful overall during the last few seasons and they, as well as the students, should be rewarded. Athletics, especially successful teams, can potentially attract a lot of students and make a lot of money for the University. Our athletic teams also tend to cultivate a lot of school spirit and pride – something that is sadly lacking at UAA, minus a handful of students.

Students, staff, faculty: do not sit idle in these first few months of President Gamble’s time at the head of UA. Instead, let the regents and the president know what is wanted, what is needed.

Whether you believe that the anti-discrimination policy needs addressing or that UAA is in dire need of a new sports complex – or if you believe that UAA needs something completely different, because the list can go on and on – let President Gamble know.

Make your voices heard and become an active part of this University. One or two people might be able to make a difference, but the best chance that UA has to attain the things it needs is if many people speak up and let the regents know that what we need instead of letting them try to figure it out themselves.