Exhibiting storytelling

The Kimura Gallery is hosting a new exhibit entitled “Mishaps, Miscalculations, Oracles and Aeons” that’s vivid, colorful and a whole lot of unique.

“Chain of Being” by Daniel McCoy.
“Chain of Being” by Daniel McCoy. Photo credit: Riva Symko.

The art in the new exhibit is created by Santa Fe-based artist Daniel McCoy Jr.

“[The exhibit] is somewhat reflective, somewhat thankful and being somewhat upset within painted surfaces,” McCoy said.

Many of his projects are paintings. McCoy utilizes that particular medium to tell a story that words cannot. The pieces are a collection from various times from the past five years. Some pieces took longer than others, like his piece “The Chain of Being,” which took up to a year for McCoy to think out the concept and six months to complete the project.

“My favorite part of painting is when you are really dedicated to what is going on in the moment, and the line work is comparable to a form of meditation,” he said. “The painting kind of paints itself sometimes, so much fun when this happens.”

Art seems to run throughout McCoy’s family.  He has been pursuing art for 28 years and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He says that he’s continuing his ancestors’ work and acknowledged his four kids’ artistic inclinations.

“The thing that drew me to McCoy’s work in the first place is the fact that, although they are individual artworks, they feel like a full, ongoing story is happening throughout his oeuvre,” Riva Symko, curator of the Kimura Gallery, said. “What I think is particularly striking about the works in this exhibition [are the] ways that the characters seem to emerge from the imagery.”

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“They Speak to Me II” hung in the Kimura Gallery, second floor of the Fine Arts Building. Photo credit: Riva Symko.

“They Speak to Me II” hung in the Kimura Gallery, second floor of the Fine Arts Building. Photo credit: Riva Symko.McCoy’s piece “They Speak to Me II,” features a portrait of a young McCoy thinking about things of his childhood that were especially important or sentimental to him.

The International Gallery of Contemporary Art is a non-profit gallery in Anchorage of mostly local, contemporary artists.

“It was just a delightful day and the entire group from the IGCA had so much fun,” Joe Carr, an IGCA board member, said.

Fifteen IGCA members collaborated during a workshop to make their own piece, following in McCoy’s style, with their own painted shapes that held some sort of story or meaning to the artist and entitled the mural, “Stories from Santa Fe to Anchorage.”

“I enjoy seeing the twist that the staff at Kimura gallery put on the exhibition. The colors are very vivid. I believe these installations speak to all ages, which is nice to break up the stuffiness that art shows can become,” McCoy said.

The Kimura Gallery is located in the Fine Arts Building on the second floor and is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. “Mishaps, Miscalculations, Oracles and Aeons” opened March 4 and will be on display until April 12.