Energy efficient street lamps shining soon

Anchorage is taking a “green” step towards converting the city’s streetlights into more efficient fixtures that will make a significant difference in both savings and safety.

On Monday morning, the first phase began. Though the city began installing the fixtures months before in the trial run, Monday was the beginning of the citywide changeover. The LED fixtures will cost $2.2 million to install, but in the long run, they will save our city money and last longer than the amber lights formerly in place.

The installation will require 4,200 lights, which includes about one-fourth of our city’s roadside lighting. These fixtures will use 50% less energy than the old lights and will provide better lighting in dark city streets, which will aid in brightening the city during the long winter months.

Based on what the city has been spent on installing and replacing the old amber lights, LED fixtures will save $360,000 each year, giving the city the opportunity to send the funds elsewhere.