Elegant and spunky: the French Lavender cocktail

The French Lavender is a fun but elegant cocktail. Consisting of lavender infused vodka, Chambord (blackberry-flavored liquor) and muddled lemon, it’s both tangy and sweet, neither flavor trait overbearing the other if ingested within a few minutes.

Served in a small glass over ice with a plastic animal decoration hanging on the rim, the French Lavender has a rich and heavy flavor due mostly to the Chambord, but the lavender infused vodka adds a bit of bitterness that hits the taste buds as the drink slides to the back of one’s throat. The lavender also adds a lightness to the scent of the drink, contrasting the richness of the Chambord’s scent and mixing together into something moderate in intensity but full and flavorful in quality.

The only true downside to the French Lavender is how tangy and bitter the lemon turns the drink if allowed to sit. While the lemon adds a playful pizzazz to the sophisticated blend of vodka and liquor, as it continues to sit into the glass, the sourness of the lemon begins to bleed into the bottom of the glass, making the last few sips more bitter and sour than spunky, nearly eliminating the blackberry and lavender flavors completely. Do yourself a favor, and drink this with an appetizer, but finish it well before the main course is served.

Price: $8.50
Location: Spenard Roadhouse
Rating: 4/5