Drink Review: Fu-Ki Sake

Fu-Ki Sake

Fu-Ki Sake may sound like a silly name, but this traditional Japanese rice wine packs quite a punch.

It’s clear, heavy and possesses a light, earthy aroma that’s subdued but powerful once it’s in your nose.

The tip — and you must sip sake — is a bit on the sweet side but doesn’t taste like anything specific. Once it hits the middle of the tongue, hold it for a few seconds to let it warm a bit. It creates a very minor numbing effect, a sort of sting that ebbs away as it rises in temperature.

Again, there is no distinct flavor, but the sweetness gives way to a sort of flatness. It’s intense for a moment as it slides down, but ultimately fades into a vaguely “alcohol” aftertaste. Even that, however, is short-lived.

If what you’re getting from this review is that the sake has a strong flavor of blandness with a hint of sweet and numb, then you’re right on the mark. Strangely enough however, it’s good. Very good, in fact.

But, once you’ve got a full serving in you, the aftertaste lingers at the back of the throat, and it’s a bit awkward but not unbearable.