‘Dr.Dolittle 2’

Twentieth Century Fox has another blockbuster on their hands and Eddie Murphy cements his position as the sequel king in Dr. Dolittle 2.

The world as we know it is no more. The balance between man and animal has been disrupted. All of the domesticated animals are on strike and the wild animals are set to attack. What are we to do? Call Dr Dolittle. Dr. Dolittle is summoned by the woodland creatures near his home to speak for them. A big logging company is destroying their homes and the animals are not happy. The doctor and his wife devise a plan to stop the loggers, which includes breeding an endangered species of bear. Problems arise for Dolittle, when he finds that a domesticated bear has no interest in returning to the wild. The bear is spoiled and can't grasp why any bear would want a life style other than the plush one he lives. That is until he sees the object of his affections in the wilderness. Trying to teach a domestic bear to become a bear of the wild is difficult for Dolittle, but proves to be side splitting fun for audiences. Dolittle finds that he can teach a circus bear new tricks.

When the loggers renege on their deal with the doctor the animals take action. The fun is all down hill from there.

Amidst the animal story are the Dolittle family's escapades. How do you balance family life and try to help the animals? Eventually Dolittle succeeds at both and keeps the energy going along the way.

The film also hosts a cast of character voices including: Isaac Hayes, Cedric the Entertainer and Lisa Kudrow. All of the voices fit the animals they portray. However, two characters are major scene stealers: the Mexican chameleon, Jacob Vargas; and the raccoon, Michael Rapaport. Every time either of them had a scene I couldn't stop laughing. There is something funny about a raccoon with a Brooklyn-accent who works for the mob. Even funnier is a chameleon who thinks that he blends in with everything and is invisible when he actually is not.

Dr. Dolittle 2 is full of laughs and is great for the entire family. So whether you pay for a full price or matinee ticket you won't be sorry.


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Photo courtesy of MovieWeb.com

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