Divorce is a high possibility regardless of age, marrying young raises those risks

Marriage is a complicated
thing, and for students, it is
something that has all the
odds stacked against it. But
it’s also a lack of motivation
and an unwillingness to put
work into a relationship that
can often cause rifts in the
relationship. Between busy
work schedules and classes,
the modern marriage can
become more stressful than
It also doesn’t help that
people are getting married at
a younger age. The younger
the spouses get married, the
more likely they are to get
divorced. If married before
turning 20, the chance of
a divorce is 39 percent. It
increases to 75 percent if
married between the ages of
20-24, and drops down to 38
percent between the ages of
This doesn’t mean that
everyone married before the
age of 24 is bound to fail
and be miserable and alone
for the rest of their life.
Although statistics also say
that the more often people
get married, the higher the
chance is for a divorce, there
is still hope.
People get married
because they love each
other and are committed to
spending the rest of their life
together. Love is an emotion
that unites all humans and
is supposed to overcome all
boundaries, but often that is
hardly the case. Both sides
of the relationship have to be
willing to make compromises
and sacrifi ces in order to
gain anything. Being willing
to work towards a common
understanding is the key to
any relationship, not just
There are many reasons
aside from the statistics why
getting hitched straight out of
high school is a bad idea; the
fi rst is maturity. Dealing with
relationships in high school
can be pure drama, and that
will add unneeded stress to
any romantic relationship.
The fact is that high school
relationships are not mature
and without work on both
sides, they will not mature.
The main fl aw of young
relationships is that people
are insecure until they build
up a base of trust with their
partner. Cheating completely
destroys this base and forces
both partners into a situation
that just adds more stress to a
relationship headed to hell.
The sex drive of humans
is a powerful force and the
sex drive of teens and young
adults is close to that of a
rabbit. Thanks to popular
culture, sex is on the top
of everyone’s mind, and
infi delity haunts the heads of
everyone in a relationship or
thinking about getting into
Being in control of primal
urges and staying honest
to one person can be hard,
especially when surrounded
by a college environment for
the fi rst time. Managing to
do so results in a relationship
that allows both people to
mature and ultimately decide
if they want to be together,
the real way.