Digital filing, a time saver

In the digital age, it’s easy to verify things purchased online via email or on a confirmation page, but it’s essential to keep a digital filing folder for important information.

A receipt for tuition paid in full should warrant a screenshot or saved email on a flash drive that can be easily located in the event of a payment dispute.

And what about all the online holiday shopping being done? Is it really likely that a person can remember, off the top of his or her head, exactly how much money was spent at each website visited?

Those confirmation emails need to be kept in a file too, even when using a trusted vendor, because it’s impossible to know what bugs have slipped into a computer or smart phone from one minute to the next.

Yes, it may seem tedious to stash those confirmation emails into a folder or on a flash drive, but when it comes down to a dispute about whether financial aid information was submitted on time or if there was an agreement to spend thousands of dollars on collectable “Star Trek” figurines, it helps to have proof of things such as times, dates and purchase specifications.

So make the effort now, in lieu of grasping at straws and talking to 100 customer service people later.