Did you know?

Facts about Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Did you know that:

• SAE was founded at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, on March 9, 1856.

• SAE has the highest number of initiates of any Greek-letter organization, with more than 260,000 men.

• SAE has more than 200 chapters in 48 states and Canada and 175 alumni associations.

• SAE was the first fraternity to have an international headquarters and the first to build its own headquarters, known as the Levere Memorial Temple. The Temple is the only fraternity headquarters to have a chapel.

• SAE was the first fraternity to establish a leadership school. Started in 1935, the School has more than 34,000 graduates.

• SAE's fraternity magazine, “The Record of Sigma Alpha Epsilon,” has been published continuously since 1880.

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• SAE has a student loan program to assist undergraduate brothers with their education. More than $5 million has been loaned since the program's inception.

• SAE has an awards program to recognize outstanding contributions of SAE alumni, undergraduates, chapters and others that have contributed to the bettering life in their community.

• SAE requires all chapters to conduct dry recruitment, and the fraternity has a zero hazing policy.

• SAE was the first fraternity to offer a toll-free hazing hotline available for all members, pledges and parents.

• SAE offers an extensive scholarship program that recognizes student leaders and scholars.

Facts are from the SAE Web site at http://www.sae.net.