‘Deadpool’: Hilarious writing can’t save a poorly designed game

With few exceptions, the spoof and parody genre doesn’t translate into gaming very well. Games such as “Duke Nukem Forever” use humor as a crutch and attempt to hide poor gameplay behind the veil of witty sarcasm and spoof. “Deadpool,” sadly, is one of those games.

The titular hero is Deadpool, Marvel’s mercenary with a mouth that constantly breaks the fourth wall, mocks other Marvel superheroes and loves swords and guns to a psychopathic degree. He is sent a contract to assassinate Chance White, a stereotypical television pundit. However, his efforts are put on hold when Marvel villain Mister Sinister kills White first, sending Deadpool on a quest to get revenge while unraveling a massive conspiracy to rule the world.

To be fair, “Deadpool” is fantastically written. There are great laughs at every turn as Deadpool gives his usual routine. He’s charmingly full of himself and humorously silly, always finding something to laugh about even in the most unpleasant of situations.

The other characters play off of him nicely as well — with special mention going to his old partner Cable, who finds creatively funny ways to manipulate Deadpool into doing the right thing.

Beyond that, however, little else redeems this game. Deadpool often makes jabs about the poor level design and fighting the same enemies over and over again, but that doesn’t stop those things from making the game a chore.

The game plays like action titles such as “Dynasty Warriors” and “Devil May Cry,” and it often feels as boring as the worst parts of those series. Deadpool fights wave after wave of enemies with little variation in level design. Fighting tougher bosses often boils down to just strafing around them with a finger on the fire button, and the occasional platforming sections are as infuriating as they are in other action titles.

It’s a shame that the game can’t live up to the excellent caliber of the writing. Had more effort been put into it, it could’ve been a comedic classic. If you’re looking to burn a few hours with a few laughs, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with renting it or picking it up when it hits the bargain bin, but for $60 it’s a hard sell.