Deadbeat Darling’s “The Angel’s Share”

Deadbeat DarlingsIt’s rare to stumble upon an indie rock album nowadays that has the power to provide listeners with variety and range. This unfortunate musical rut sometimes leaves listeners with albums that have track after track, each sounding like the last.

However, New York-based band Deadbeat Darling manages to dodge this bullet by delivering listeners with a diverse yet cohesive sophomore album. “The Angel’s Share,” which was recorded with Grammy award-winning professionals, such as producer Ken Nelson and mixer Adrian Bushby, is constructed in a manner that gives each track its own identity without compromising the album’s overall sound.

The blend of various musical styles, including dub and surf rock, in the album keeps listeners dancing on their feet and guessing what genre the next track will embody.

“The Angel’s Share” features a heavy drum influence, harmonious guitar riffs and subtle percussions. Front man Joseph King’s alluring and bold vocals contribute to the album’s stylistic range and uniqueness. Deadbeat Darling’s musical appeal is also complimented by sensual lyrics that evoke the feeling of late nights in the city potentially begin to tap into the darker rudiments of the rock and roll lifestyle.

The surf rock track “Surf India” channels a modern, indie Beach Boys vibe. As the album progresses, the sound continues to gain momentum with its dub-heavy fifth track, “Peculiar Grace.”

However, no indie rock album is complete without at least one soulful ballad, and “The Angel’s Share” holds true to these expectations with “Broken Down Kiss.”

Other tracks on the album to check out include “Body Gives up the Ghost,” “Loaded Game of Change,” and “Last Scene in Paris.”

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Overall, the talent and range exhibited in “The Angel’s Share” proves to listeners what the band is capable of and leaves fans eager to see what musical creation Deadbeat Darling will come up with next.


Artist: Deadbeat Darling

Album: “The Angel’s Share”

Release Date: Jan. 22, 2013

Record Company: Spearhavoc Records

Rating: 3/5