Consumer Freedom’s donor list destroys credibility in PETA fight

Consumer Freedom, the group that ?”compiled” the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services data against PETA, a pro-animal rights non-profit, is an arm of a front group whose largest sponsors include the slaughterhouse and restaurant industries. Their Web site even says so.? Let’s think about that conflict of interest for a moment.
This is the same group who pretends to act in the interests of consumers, when they are actually bought and paid for by big business.
For example, Consumer Freedom argues that lifestyle, not diet, are the causes of obesity. They argue that foods and soft drinks are constantly under attack for causing our nation’s obesity problem.
If The Northern Light followed the money, they would find the long list of sponsors who fund this group include the fast food and soft drink industries.?
Consumer Freedom argues that soda is not correlated to childhood obesity. They argue that obesity is not correlated to overeating. They even argue that you can be overweight and still be considered healthy! No joke! Visit their Web site and see for yourself:
Our student club, UAA Consumer Rights Advocacy Group, looked at the actual DACS data concerning the PETA article and we believe it does not add up to what Consumer Freedom found, and subsequently what The Northern Light printed.
Is not the job of The Northern Light to make sure sources are legitimate and figures are accurate before publishing them?
We demand that The Northern Light run the data for themselves – instead of relying on highly biased secondary sources – and apologize to its readers for misinforming and propagating.
Zach Liszka
UAA Consumer Rights Advocacy Group