Community Pregnancy Center serves those in need

Graphic from Wikimedia Commons.
Graphic from Wikimedia Commons.

The Community Pregnancy Center was established in 1984 when a group of local pastors read a letter to the editor. The letter’s author asked, if she decided to keep her baby instead of abort it, then who will help her take care of the baby?

At the time, the Crisis Pregnancy Center movement had been established in the Lower 48, but there were no local resources of this nature. The Christian community realized they needed a practical way to help women take care of their babies, and the center was their answer.

Center senate director Heidi Navarro states, “A lot of people have preconceived notions that we are here to help the woman make up her mind, that we are here to sway her and influence her decision. That’s not our role. Our mission statement is to share the love of Jesus Christ to everyone who walks through the door, to offer practical support to our clients.”

The center offers clients free pregnancy testing, parenting classes and support through donated baby items. They can test for the STI/STDs gonorrhea and chlamydia. The center also performs ultrasounds for expectant mothers. These services are all free of charge.

The parenting classes are unique because they span over several weeks and are a one-on-one mentorship type of opportunity, usually with the same facilitator. Fathers or an alternate support person are encouraged to come. By attending these parenting classes, the parents can earn baby bucks, which are redeemable in the center’s baby cache. The cache is a store that offers everything from maternity clothing to brand-new car seats. The parenting classes also meet court requirements.

The typical age range for a client of the Community Pregnancy Center is 18-24, though they do have clients who are younger and older, and 35 percent of them have 13 or more years of education.