Comedy duo to bring their quirkiness to UAA

Dakaboom Promotional logo

Dakaboom is a musical comedy duo whose show, according to their official website, “is one that needs to be seen to be understood.” The duo consists of best friends Ben McLain and Paul Peglar, who have been living together for years. McLain was part of NBC’s “The Sing Off” with his vocal band ARORA (called Sonos when on the show), and Peglar was the pianist for season one of “Glee.” The two have all released a studio album titled “Get Awesome.”

“Get Awesome” features their comedic songs performed on tour. The songs all have an unserious tone and mood with titles such as “Infomercial,” “Desperate” and “Xmas Bums Me Out.” McLain and Peglar say that the songs are all inspired by their lives and experiences.

In a YouTube video Peglar said, “Dakaboom has always been a reflection of what we do at home, and so when we’re suffering being single, guess what? We write a song called ‘Single Song.’ When we are feeling desperate in high school about wanting to have a girlfriend, we write a song called ‘Desperate.’” Student Activities heard Dakaboom’s quirky show this summer at the National Association for Campus Activities Conference and wanted to have them come toUAA.

“Besides their strong performance, Student Activities team members were impressed that the vocalist, Ben McLain, had been featured in NBC’s ‘Sing Off’ and pianist, Paul Peglar, has performed in ‘Glee.’ Since many students like these two shows, Student Activities reasoned that this duo would appeal to our students,” said Michael McCormick, assistant director of Student Activities, about their decision to ask Dakaboom toUAA.

Student Activities member Rachel Kampstra said the organization’s decision to invite Dakaboom to UAA was unanimous.

Dakaboom will perform at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 7 in the Student Union Den. Admission is free for students, $10 for general public and $15 at the door.