Columnist shamefully blames ‘gay activism’ for murder

According to Michael Brown it may not be okay to be gay

With all the media attention that it has gotten, it is not a mystery that LGBT bullying in schools is still a problem.  According to Michael L. Brown, it may just be that being gay is part of the problem.

Brown is the host of the radio program “Line of Fire.”  His most recent major publication was, “A Queer Thing Happened to America,” where he talks about how the LGBT community has had a negative impact on America.

In 2009, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) released a study that was the culmination of 10 years of research.  It was called The 2009 National School Climate Study.  The study came to the conclusion that 9 out of 10 LGBT students are physically or verbally harassed at school.

The whole concept of bullying and where it can end really came to a head in the case of a student named Lawrence King.  In February, 2008, this 15 year old student was shot and killed in cold blood in the computer lab of his school.  Another student named Brandon McInerney shot him with a pistol and point-blank range in the back of the head.

This event is critical in understanding the problem of gay bullying because of how it turned out.  The defense attorney made the case that McInerney went into a “dissociative state.”  This defense worked, and a mistrial was declared because the jury couldn’t make up their minds if it was 1st-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter.  The fact that we are asking that question is just pathetic.

McInerney had been bullying King for some time.  King responded to this bullying by flirting with him.  This led him to attempt to get his friends to gang up and beat King, but they declined.  So McInerney took it upon himself to get a gun and hunt him down.

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This was another case where the defense decided to blame the fact that the victim was gay for why he got killed.  The defense is not alone in this, either.

“But there are others who are complicit in Larry’s terribly tragic death, and rather than point the finger at a “homophobic” society, they should point it at themselves. I’m speaking of course of gay activists, who have made Larry into a martyr for the cause of gay activism when, in reality, he was more a victim of gay activism,” Michael Brown wrote in a column for American Family News Network.

He says later, “After all, it is gay activists who constantly remind us that LGBT kids are bullied and even beaten up at school.  They tell us how dangerous the school environment is for kids who identify as LGBT, and yet at the same time, they praise kids like Larry for coming out at 10.”

Another strange point is that Brown believes that children should be told that their sexuality is somehow false.

“And is it possible that Larry could have benefited from ongoing counseling about his sexuality? Yet gay activists adamantly oppose any form of counseling that does not affirm homosexuality.”

Should students be told that their sexuality is somehow wrong?  That is a bad way to be?

“They even want more Gay Straight Alliances in our middle schools, where pre-teens can declare their gay identity to their peers and faculty advisors without their parents’ knowledge…If our schools really are so “homophobic” and dangerous, why not encourage these kids to keep their sexual orientation to themselves until they’re in a safer environment?”

That is, by far, the most egregious of all his statements.  The idea that a person has to get parental permission to have a sexual identity, and that Brown can openly attack them with pride is just plain sick.

“You know, it takes some real effort to miss the point this badly.  Is this how we address harassment and bullying in schools now – by making the victims responsible for concealing themselves?  And letting the violence prevail unchallenged?” said Zinnia Jones, an equal rights vlogger.

This matters today because the fact is that the LGBT community is still a target.  Instances like Lawrence King are going to happen again.  The real question becomes – how much longer is the LGBT community going to have to suffer the lack of acceptance?

But they don’t have to change, and it shouldn’t be expected that they change.  Brown’s method is oppression, nothing less.  That is not, and has never been, the right way to go.  Openness, acceptance, and teaching that being gay is okay are proven to work.  Somebody might want to let Brown know.

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The idea that a person has to get parental permission to have a sexual identity, and that Brown can openly attack them with pride is just plain sick.

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