College Bound

Prop 8 protests rage on
In Sacramento, Calif., the largest crowd yet
gathered at the State Capitol for the fi fth day in a
row protesting the recent rulings of Proposition 8,
which bans same-sex marriage in the state. Prop
8 has brought together over 5,000 activists who
have gathered in front of the Capitol to protest the
rulings and to voice their anger for the ruling.
Inspired by the activists taking charge in
California, over 3,000 students in Massachusetts
have begun to voice their opinions of
disagreement with California’s new ruling and its
declaration that marriage is the union between a
man and a woman.
Natasha Kellet, a junior from Northeastern
University said she voted against Proposition 8.
She hopes to work with others in order to repeal
Proposition 8. She said she believes Prop 8 will
“galvanize the current population to step up and
say what they believe.”
Beer Pong World Series
takes place in Vegas
Eric Welch and Jonathan Gilbert, two Fresno
State seniors, traveled to Las Vegas for the
Beer Pong World Series, which was held at the
Flamingo Hotel & Casino and lasted fi ve days,
from Jan. 1 to 5.
The event included 344 teams who competed
against each other for a $50,000 grand prize.
Welch and Gilbert spent the weeks prior to the
event at weekend parties, as they practiced at
parties, focusing on their shooting percentages.
Their team is called “Shred the Gnar” and
earned the chance to compete in the event after
winning a four-night stay at the Flamingo and the
money needed to enter into the World Series of
Beer Pong.
“Beer pong is growing in popularity and slowly
sneaking into different media outlets,” Welch said,
citing shows such as “Greek” and “Big Brother,”
which featured the sport. “It’s cool to see it where
you don’t expect it.”
‘Prom Dress Rugby’
tradition continues to take
place at UCLA
The women’s rugby team at UCLA has
combined the hands-on, brutal sport of rugby with
a softer, feminine touch-prom dresses. Women
on the team spend weeks searching for the least
attractive, most outdated evening gowns to get
attention while on the fi eld. The women are using
this tradition as a fundraiser.
The whole goal of it is just to get people to
stop,” team member Carrissa Hsieh said. “The
fundraising part isn’t the main goal of it, but it’s
The Bruin Rangers will hold the game on
Thursday at 2 p.m., and as part of the festivities,
the women will wear vibrant gowns. “Rugby is
supposed to be this tough sport,” Hsieh said. “It’s
just funny that we play in really ridiculous dresses.”
Program goes outdoors for
Cal State-Chico senior Sean Benson recently
returned from a backpacking trip in Southern Utah
for and can’t wait to return to the wilderness.
Working toward a degree in outdoor
education, which will soon be an offi cial program
at the university. Along with 11 other students,
Benson will spend the upcoming semester in the
wilderness as a part of the immersion program.
Benson has always felt a connection to the
backcountry and is eager for the opportunity.
“I’ve always been into the outdoors growing
up,” he said. “But it wasn’t until I worked at a
summer camp that I saw the benefi t of it.”
After graduation, Benson hopes to use his
degree as he pursues a career in working with
at-risk teens in outdoor therapy, he said. The
semester starts with a weeklong classroom
session followed by the trip’s winter session.
During the winter session, the group will spend
18 days skiing and snow-camping, said the trip
coordinator, Reid Cross.
“A lot of times in college we have theory, but
we don’t get enough practical experience,” Cross
said. “Students will learn how to live safely and
comfortably in the wilderness for an extensive
amount of time and how to lead other people in
the wilderness for a period of time.”