College Cookbook: Rhubodka for midsummer

Photo credit: Rhubarb Farmer


The sweet and refreshing rhubarbra striesand cocktail is one of my favorite Spenard Roadhouse drinks. It might feel like summer is about to come to a close, but prolong the midnight sun with this thirst quencher.

The signature cocktail features house made rhubarb infused vodka you can make rhubarb infused very easily and in a short amount of time.

Rhubarb infused vodka


3 – 5 stalks of rhubarb, cut into chunks

1 quart of vodka

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1-quart mason jar


1. Fill a mason jar with the chopped rhubarb.

2. Fill mason jar to the top with vodka.

3. Let the rhubarb set in the vodka for one week. Strain the vodka and place in a sealable bottle.

Copy-cat Rhubarbra Streisand

This is a very simple version of Spenard Roadhouse’s rhubarb infused lemonade cocktail. Enjoy on a hot summer evening on the lawn.


3 cups of lemonade

3 – 5 strawberries

1.5 ounces of rhubarb infused vodka


1. In a tall glass, pour the lemonade and vodka in the cup and stir.

2. Add strawberries for garnish and enjoy.