College Cookbook: Overnight oats

I’m sure I am not alone in that I always forget to eat breakfast. For busy students, overnight oats could be the answer to not making enough time in the morning to eat a full-on breakfast. Overnight oats don’t require a precise recipe, but instead a ratio, 1:1. However many oats you use, balance that with the same amount of liquid. The more liquid you put, the runnier the oats will be, and the less liquid you put in the thicker the oatmeal will be. Then, you’ll need a sweetener of some sort; add as much as you like. Stir all that together, and put in the refrigerator. In the morning you can top with granola, fresh fruit, peanut butter or whatever your heart desires.

Overnight oats. Photo credit: MaxPixel via Creative Commons

Start with a mason jar, fill the jar with as many oats as you’d like. After this step you get to be creative. Here’s some ideas to get you started on your overnight oats adventure.

Possible liquids include coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, whole milk, cream, orange juice, lemonade and yogurt.

Possible sweeteners could consist of agave, honey, jam, jelly, dried fruit, maple syrup, simple syrup, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla extract, citrus zest, macadamia nuts, shredded coconut or nut butters.