Cobb strips Green of captain title, suspends senior four games

After a week long investigation into the Sept. 12 fight involving UAA hockey players Lee Green and Brett Arcand-Kootenay, Seawolf athletic director Steve Cobb handed down a four game suspension to Green and removed him from his role as team captain.

Green will sit out an Oct. 9 exhibition game in his hometown of Soldotna, both of the Seawolves games in the Nye Frontier Classic and an Oct. 22 home game against state rival Alaska Fairbanks. Cobb also stated Green could face additional sanctions and discipline from head coach John Hill. Hill does not anticipate any further punishment at this time.

"I support Dr. Cobb's decision," Hill said. "It's very fair. Lee is missing over ten percent of the games his senior season. That's a pretty big hit."

Green and Arcand-Kootenay are back on campus and in classes after Green broke Arcand-Kootenay's jaw with a punch for allegedly missing a team run. The incident occurred before the team was supposed to have their pictures taken for the team media guide.

According to charging documents, Arcand-Kootenay showed up for the run but Green wasn't there. Green confronted Arcand-Kootenay around 9 a.m. in the hockey locker room regarding the run. After punching Arcand-Kootenay in the face, Green struck him again in the back while he was on the floor.

Green spent the mandatory 48 hours in jail after being charged with one felony count of second-degree assault. He was released to his parents Sept. 14 and one parent must remain with Green at all times as a condition of his release.

"I'd like to express my extreme remorse for the regrettable situation which has transpired," Green said in a statement released by the athletic department. "I feel terrible for what Brett and his family are going through and offer my most sincere apologies. I'd also like to apologize to my teammates, UAA and our fans."

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Arcand-Kootenay suffered two fractures of his jaw, which will remain wired shut for 6-8 weeks following his Sept. 13 surgery. Hill is unsure when the sophomore will return to the ice.

Assistant captains Ales Parez and Jim Dahl will lead the captain practices before the team begins official practice Oct. 9.

During the investigation, Cobb spoke on the phone with Green twice and the two met face-to-face for 45 minutes. Cobb said the only person he talked to more than Green was Arcand-Kootenay.

A helpful network of UAA departments and administration aided the quick turnaround, Cobb said.

"Obviously we wanted to make a decision we were comfortable with," Cobb said. "But getting apprehension and worry away from the kids was paramount to getting things headed in the right direction."