Claudia Lampman appointed interim vice provost for student success

Student success at UAA isn’t just a personal endeavor for Claudia Lampman, but a family effort as well. Lampman, who was recently appointed the interim vice provost for Student Success, has been a faculty member, administrator and UAA parent.

Claudia Lampman has been a faculty member, administrator and parent of two University of Alaska Anchorage students. Lampman says these roles have prepared her as good fit for a position that focuses on student success. Photo credit: Young Kim

Lampman and her husband, John Petraitis, have both been psychology professors at UAA. Her eldest child, Oliver Petraitis, attended UAA before heading to Germany as a Fulbright Scholar, and her daughter, Abbie Lampman, is a current UAA student. Claudia Lampman said it’s her experiences in these roles that have prepared her for a position that focuses on student success.

“When something doesn’t go right for a student here, it doesn’t go right for one of my kids, and there are a lot of students on this campus that I feel like are my kids,” Lampman said.

Lampman is the first person to hold the title of vice provost for Student Success, but she has experience leading new administrative positions in the past as the first director of the psychology department.

“The nice thing about [being first] though is you get to have a say about how that position works,” Lampman said.

Lampman said she will focus on persistence and graduation. She hopes to do this by eliminating bureaucratic barriers and increasing the role of student advising on campus. She said the best metric to judge her performance as vice provost is to watch persistence rates over her tenure.

“I think the more reasonable metrics for the next few years are persistence,” Lampman said.

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Lampman earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Boston University and she earned her master’s and Ph.D. in applied social psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. Her strong background in social sciences helps her look at student success from an analytical perspective.

“I love data,” Lampman said. “I see the world as an experiment, so I think being able to really have a job where I get to spend my time looking at information about our students and using that information to try to come up with better ways to do things is very attractive to me, as a social scientist.”

Lampman’s first day on the job was Nov. 1, and in the past few days she said she has been forming her priorities this year through conversations with Interim Chancellor Sam Gingerich and Interim Provost Duane Hrncir.

Hrncir was the ultimate hiring authority for the Student Success position.

“Dr. Lampman is passionate about student success and has demonstrated a willingness and ability to break down barriers, to build bridges across disciplines and departments, and to lead UAA to meet the goals of UAA 2020 and beyond,” Hrncir said in a memo to the UAA community.

Outside of her role in the psychology department, Lampman has also served on the Institutional Review Board, the UAA 2020 Executive Team, the University Honors Council and the Title IX Climate Committee.

In her free time, Lampman likes to knit, bake bread, read and spend time with her family.