Childish Gambino creates a music genre of his own with ‘Awaken, My Love!’

The highly anticipated delivery of Childish Gambino’s newest album has finally arrived – and been just as game-changing as we expected it to be. Titled “Awaken, My Love!” Gambino takes you on an 11 track, 50-minute journey through an entirely new genre of music he has never stepped foot in, until now.

Childish Gambino’s alter-ego and legal name, Donald Glover, has had a successful career outside of the music world. Starting off as a writer for the NBC show, “30 Rock” led into an acting part in “Community,” another NBC sitcom that ran six seasons.

Glover is a man of all trades, flowing in and out of television, comedy and music scenes. On top of his latest album release, Glover is the creator and star of the hit TV-show “Atlanta,” a comedy-drama television show that has received high praise.

With his background of being a comedian, he has a knack for capturing an audience’s attention with witty banter. This seemed to translate very smoothly into his music career, especially on his albums “Camp” and “Because The Internet.” These albums reflected those qualities that Childish Gambino became so well known for, and it was received very well by the mainstream hip hop audience.

Gambino tossed the idea at his fans about a new album back in 2015, and also played his vision of the album at his Pharos Festival in California this past September. Now, it is finally available to listeners all over the world.

“Awaken, My Love!” feels like you are being transported into a different world when you listen to it, a world full of art, culture and diversity. Somehow, Childish Gambino managed to bring his fans with him into this new exploration of music, and they can’t seem to get enough.

Fast forwarding to today, Gambino took his fans down a new road of music with “Awaken, My Love!” Within seconds of hearing the first track on the album, an entirely new genre is being tapped into, and as you continue to listen it only goes further and further away from your expectations, in the best way possible.

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Some songs feel funkadelic, several have rock influences and others have extreme jazz qualities, which makes it feel impossible to place this album into one specific genre of music. None of these qualities are very prominent in Gambino’s other works, which is why this album feels like such a huge step for him as an artist.

There is no way of knowing what Gambino’s next move will be as a musician, but we will be playing “Awaken, My Love!” the entire time as we follow him.