Checking in with Kyle Fossman

Fossman snipes from beyond the arc. Photos by Sam Wasson, taken from GoSeawolves
Fossman snipes from beyond the arc.
Photos by Sam Wasson, taken from GoSeawolves

Only a couple months removed from being named the 2012-13 team MVP, Kyle Fossman is back on his grind. His play also netted him a First Team All-GNAC selection, but he isn’t resting on his laurels this offseason.


What have you been doing this summer to stay in shape?

Pretty much just lifting weights and doing like long distance running right now.

Do you have a workout regimen that you do every day?

Yeah, it’s mostly, like, I try to lift three days a week at the least. And then the rest of the week I’ll do smaller workouts, more like core stuff.

You don’t want to go too hard right?

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Yeah – not every day of the week.

Are you excited for the upcoming season?

Yeah! Definitely, because it’s my senior year.

What are you doing to correct your mistakes form last year? Are you working on any parts of your game that you’re not so comfortable with?

Yeah well mostly just the lifting and stuff like I said earlier, I want to get bigger, faster and stronger.

So you’re focusing more on getting better physically then you are skill-wise for this summer?

Yeah, and another thing I think I can improve on is ball handling. You know you have to work on everything but that’s another thing on my list.

Who should we be looking for as far as returners, excluding yourself?

Well, Teancum (Stafford). Him and Travis Thompson. Another person is (Collin) Spickerman; he could have a good year, too. We’re not really losing a lot of people though.

Will you guys have better team chemistry since you aren’t losing that many players from last year?

Yeah I think a lot better chemistry this coming year more than last year – just because we have returners coming back like Travis (Thompson) and Brian (McGill). They’re fun to play with, so I think that we will have better chemistry.

Are you and any of the players from the team working out together this summer to prepare?

No we’re not.

Well I’m sure you’re keeping busy. I also heard from a UAA source that you were doing an internship this summer?

Yeah that’s right, I’m interning at an accounting firm here in town. I just got like three weeks left. It’s going pretty good so far, it’s interesting and a lot different lifestyle than what I’m used to.

That’s your major though right?

Yeah I’m an accounting major, so next year I’ll have my degree in that.