Celebrate graduation at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Graduation is a rite of passage that graduates and their families often look forward to for years. Even though UAA’s spring commencement will look different this year with COVID-19 regulations preventing large gatherings, 2020 graduates can still make the most of this milestone. Here are some ways to celebrate and enjoy graduation at home.

2020 graduates can still enjoy and celebrate commencement with Zoom, photos and keepsakes. Photo courtesy of The Piermont.

Graduation photos

The typical grad photos in their caps and gowns, donning their school colors, is a tradition that 2020 graduates can still partake in. While you may not be able to get shots around campus or the other usual scenic locations, quarantine doesn’t have to stop you from getting great photos. A backyard or a flower-filled area around your neighborhood can make a great background for photos. If you want to get crafty, decorating a blank wall to use as a backdrop is another option. Either way, you will be able to look back at the photos and remember graduation for years to come.

Celebrate virtually

You don’t have to miss out on celebrating with friends and family just because you can’t leave your house. Zoom, Skype and FaceTime offer ways to connect with people during quarantine. Graduates can share their special day with the important people in their lives through these video conferencing programs and make graduation feel like a real celebration.

Throw a graduation party

It may be smaller and more intimate than expected, but 2020 grads can still enjoy a graduation party. Consider decorating your front door or yard to show your school pride by hanging up balloons, streamers or placing photos on the inside. Decorations can be bought from Micheals, which is currently open in Anchorage, or shipped to your house from an online store. You can enjoy cake, ice cream and other snacks during the party and spend time with the people in your household.

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Get crafty

With all the extra time you might have during quarantine, consider filling it with some crafts to make graduation more memorable. Making a scrapbook or shadow box to preserve your school memories could be a great way to pass the time and remember graduation.

These types of frames are deep which allows for larger items to be displayed easily. Photo courtesy of Morning Coffee with Dee.

Scrapbooking is a way of preserving and presenting memorabilia, photographs or artwork. All you need is a book or album, the items you want to keep and decorative embellishments. Place the items on the pages of the books and glue or tape them down. Next, add the embellishments or write in the pages for more decoration.

A shadow box is a deep frame that can display three-dimensional mementos. The box can then be placed on a shelf or hung on a wall. Just decide what you want to display and then place them in the shadow box. If you want certain items to stay upright, you can glue them in place. Shadow boxes can be purchased at most crafts stores, including Micheals, or ordered online.