Swaziland’s 40th anniversary bash hits sour note

MBABANE, Swaziland - Swaziland and its king are throwing a joint 40th birthday bash this weekend, but the mood is far from celebratory in this small southern African land of paupers and princes, mud huts and palaces. The government calls them the 40-40 festivities, marking King Mswati III's birthday and the anniversary of Swaziland's independence from Britain.

Feminist electro-punks stay true despite signing to major label

Le Tigre has attained a new level of success and it’s obvious the moment you open the CD to find a “FBI Anti-Piracy Warning”...

VIDEO: UAA Women’s Head Basketball Coach Tim Moser and Senior guard Nikki Aiden

Coach Moser and Senior guard Nikki Aiden sit down with The Northern Light during their trip to Anaheim for the Disney West Coast Tip...

Getting to know..

Karl Wing said he is grateful for the support he has been given and the events that have helped to make him who he is today: the newly elected student body president of UAA. And he's come a long way to get there. As a child in Fairbanks, Wing was always hyperactive.

Human emotion at its best in Dance Ensemble performance

To say that UAA's Dance Ensemble can dance is an understatement. What the choreographers worked together to design and how the performers carry out these moves in the performance is best expressed by saying that they explore every motion and emotion of the human body.

Your Square Life

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Epic jams pair with sparse production to make rocking EP

I’ve always kind of hated Jucifer. The two-piece garage-metal-dirge outfit has a lot going for it, but previous albums have squandered the group’s potential...

College prices rise faster than financial aid increases

The price of college again rose faster than the inflation rate this year, climbing 6.6 percent at four-year public schools and outstripping increases in the financial aid that lowers what most students actually pay. The latest increases, reported the College Board, bring the average list price of four-year public universities to $6,185 this year, up $381 from 2006-2007.

Pioneering Women of Alaska

“For most of history, anonymous was a woman,” said Virginia Woolfe, an early 1900s American woman writer. This month is Women’s History Month, which...

Graduate Perspective

Graduate student Ainslie Kopperud brings a humorous angle to experience.   November 19, 2005: Wisdom discovered at Gas Pump 9 Enlightenment can happen in the most unlikely...

Dreams and diseases to society are translated into art

Thin layers of bold acrylic paint and striking lines of charcoal surround words like "deranged" and "war" drawn onto pieces of board. For this quiet artist, Roman Rubio-Savoie's paintings speak loudly on social issues and the interpretation of dreams. The collection, aptly titled "The Works," will be featured at Out North Gallery throughout March.

Native Heritage Month: sharing traditions

Beading is a Native Alaskan traditional art form that has been handed down through the generations. 'It is a way to ...

Creating an election network could boost votes

It's January in an election year, sweeps week is just around the corner and the presidential primaries have just begun to kick into high gear - it's high time we turned prime time into primary time! The Writers Guild of America is still on strike, and numerous television networks are resorting to the ever-expanding niche of reality television to fill the void.

Students wear masks to try to stop flu

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Hundreds of students on the University of Michigan campus are part of a research study that could change the way the world looks at influenza. Researchers are trying to determine whether wearing surgical masks and hand sanitizing can prevent the spread of flu or other respiratory illnesses.

Increase in nationwide campus violence hits home

It's hard to miss the white banner that reads, "Safety is Everybody's Business," while walking into the Student Union next to the Bookstore. However, most students glance away from its message and ignore the issue at hand: Campus violence continues to increase across the country and at our own university.

Drivers should put brakes on bad habits

Forget the "Big Wild Life"; Anchorage's brand should have been "The city of creative license plates and horrible drivers." The longer I live here, the more I am convinced that a large handful of drivers in Anchorage must have gotten their driving licenses from eBay.

Gaelic Storm good example of groups to book

You don't have to be Irish and play the fiddle to have an appreciation for the party that was going on in the Wendy...

Student’s death was an unnecessary tragedy

UAA student Ilia Ipatov was driving along Dowling Road in the early morning of Thursday, April 5, when an SUV crossed the median, rode over his small Acura and killed him. He would have graduated this fall. The culprit in this accident wasn't alcohol. It wasn't even a lack of seatbelt use.

Alaska will challenge polar bear listing

ANCHORAGE - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says the state will sue to challenge the listing of polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Palin on Wednesday said there is insufficient evidence to support the decision U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne made last week.

UAA out to a 45-35 lead at the break

The UAA Men's basketball team has seemed to turn the page on a dreadful second half yesterday and finds themselves up 10 at halftime...


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Techno-punk band is pleasing background noise

Kill Me Tomorrow feels like the kind of band that started out with purpose and vision. Whoever masterminded the initiative must have felt the...

Thirteen days: An evening with the Kennedys and Gump

In case there is somebody out there who doesn't get all warm and fuzzy at the mere mention of the name Kennedy, the new...

Anger and paranoia: A public transit story

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde I laugh at your methods of transportation. We have great warships that travel at light-speed, and what do you humans...

Anchorage audience barely alive after five

Summer is officially underway as the Live After Five free concert series kicked off June 9 in Town Square with the infectious groove of...

Say What?

Man accused of soiling laundry room MADISON, Wis. - Repeated discoveries of human feces in clothing and other items left in an apartment building's basement laundry room led to charges Jan. 17 against a 19-year-old man. Authorities said Ronnie A. Ballard was arrested after a woman whose laundry had been soiled chased him back to his apartment in an adjoining building.

Banjo-based tea party music

“Those two little minors as you pass right through put a little dark shade on the notes, which make it, in the end, even...

Seawolf Pride and Chide

Pride Homecoming dance . . . . . . For rocking hard and being a lot better than we all expected. Chide The Seawolf mascot . . . . . . For looking like a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Sometimes not saying anything is best option, especially when using Twitter

Here at The Northern Light, we like to think we're pretty hip - especially when it comes to technology. Even more so when it comes to social networking sites. Most of us came of age around the same time as MySpace and Facebook, and have spent most of our formative years immersed in the sites our parents all thought of as "devious.

Dark chocolate: New ‘Charlie’ follows Dahl’s lead

Roald Dahl is a dark writer. His children’s books can be cruel, morbid and a tad satirical. It’s not all fun and games with...