Deciphering high def

To the average consumer, technical statistics on gigabytes of storage, DRM standards and compression codecs can be more confusing than helpful. HDTVs and high-definition movie players are a definite step up for home theaters, but it's easy to get lost in all the technical details.

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Newest transfer moves from gridiron to court

Courtesy of UAA Sports Information Release: 6-27-2014   The Alaska Anchorage men’s basketball team has landed a Div. I transfer of a different sort as head coach Rusty...

Saturday Night Lame: Morgan’s show crass, lackluster

“Knock-knock.” “Who’s there?” “Tracy Morgan.” “Tracy Morgan, who?” That’s exactly what they’ll be saying two years from now if Tracy Morgan doesn’t get a funnier comedy routine. A sold-out...

Healthy Perspective

Healthy Perspective was a column written by Elena Trousevskaya  that offered you insight in living a healthy lifestyle. November 19, 2002: Tooth decay: Why it...

Web ushers in new era for politics

Alaska residents have seen few, if any, television commercials endorsed by the 2008 presidential candidates. However, logging on to popular social networking Web sites like MySpace and Facebook shows that the candidates and their teams of Internet geeks have the campaigns plastered everywhere.

{college nation}

Skunk-scented trees deter Grinch University of Idaho   Nobody is stealing Christmas this year - at least nobody at the University of Idaho. The UI Facilities Landscape...

Supreme Court gets involved with VA college art

RICHMOND, Va. - Randolph College simply wanted to sell four highlights from its renowned American art collection to boost its endowment and protect its accreditation. Instead, it has fallen into a bitter legal battle with art lovers who consider the sale an unethical breach of public trust.

In equal step with Jessie Brown

Jessica Brown was commissioned to do the show in late August, became a recluse, and finished recently. She shares with TNL what she thinks of all her pieces, why she never names them, and how they represent 'Pari Passu.' "Are we just a body?" This question has been at the core of the human dialogue since the beginning and the pieces in this exhibit are part of an exploration into the deep issue of identity and spirituality.

Gaelic Storm good example of groups to book

You don't have to be Irish and play the fiddle to have an appreciation for the party that was going on in the Wendy...

Say What

Sister beats up bride at wedding reception A woman who wasn't invited to her sister's wedding reception showed up anyway and attacked the bride, pulling out clumps of her hair, police said. Annmarie Bricker, 23, of Valparaiso, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of battery.

‘A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence’ is as frustrating as its...

It doesn’t matter how you feel about the uniquely strange Swedish comedy “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence.” The movie will...

{Pride & Chide}

12 JULY 2005 PRIDE: Ski coach Trond Flagstad...who recently ran his way up and down Mt.Marathon to a second-place finish. It's nice to see a...

Student health insurance shouldn’t be overlooked

Here at UAA, there is a huge push to make sure we stay healthy. Lecturers are brought up encouraging students to stay fit, active and healthy. But what happens if an accident occurs that requires long-term medical treatment, and you don't have insurance? In my freshman year of college, I fell ill late my first semester and required several emergency room visits, an extended hospital stay, tons of tests, and at the end one big, fat bill totaling close to $20,000.

Turkey lands in manure truck’s cab, causing crash

OSWEGATCHIE, N.Y. -- A wild turkey landed inside the cab of a manure-hauling tractor trailer, startling the driver and sending the truck rolling into a ditch off a northern New York road. State police said Scott Fisher, 38, was traveling in St. Lawrence County near the Canadian border when the turkey flew in through an open window.

Tuition rises every year, students foot the bill

A bachelor’s degree is generally viewed as a four-year degree, although it seems as though that view is a little bit outdated since many...

Seawolf Pride and Chide

Pride UAA Volleyball . . . . . . For their dramatic upset of the eighth ranked Western Washington Vikings. Go Seawolves! Chide Mallard Lane . . . . . . For being so dilapidated it's almost not drivable.

Advocacy can help curb over-boozing

College students and alcohol: They go together like bread and butter, right? No one is that na've. We all know that drinking, both legal and ille, happens on our campus here at UAA, both socially and excessively (think late-night beer pong.) We have all heard the spiels on alcohol and its effects on brain development, and we've all seen firsthand the dangers and pitfalls of the drinking and driving phenomenon that ravages our beloved state.

VIDEO: UAA Men’s Basketball Head Coach Rusty Osborne post-game interview Nov. 13

UAA Men's Basketball Head Coach Rusty Osborne answers some questions after the Seawolves' 84-70 loss to Lewis University Nov. 13 in Anaheim.

Inside UAA intramural sports

UAA offers a broad variety of intramurals to allow it's students to stay active in recreational and interactive team sports.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and guns at picnic

A picnic open to the public at a park in La Crosse County will offer free brats and hamburgers and an invitation to bring your gun. Organizer Hubert Hoffman said Sunday's picnic at Marvin Gardens Park in the Town of Onalaska celebrates a recent opinion from state Attorney General J.

Group projects are a waste of students’ time

As the semester grinds along, thoughts of many students turn to upcoming midterms, reports and other projects that inevitably punctuate the spring months. The greatest fear among many students is that one of them will become a group project, which is probably the thing most-hated by students since cafeteria food.

Gymnastics team battles injuries early on, but find positives in season full of obstacles

Last year, UAA’s Gymnastic team had a stellar year ending with a win at the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships. As defending champions, the...

Long Branch Saloon not just for the older crowd

At 1737 E Dimond Cir., just off Dimond Blvd.'s last big bend, sits one of Anchorage's most venerated bars: The Long Branch Saloon. First, I must say that I was excited to finally take a crack at this bar. As a kid, I can remember riding in the car and seeing that yellow sign with its big red arrow go by.

Features Briefs

Chef Vern crafts chocolate love Mouths watered over melted dark, milk and white chocolate as UAA culinary arts and hospitality chef Vern Wolfram shared his love for chocolate at the UAA Campus Bookstore on Feb 8. "Chocolate is the food the gods," Chef Vern said.

UAA prepares for Title IX compliance review

UAA is preparing for a Title IX compliance review, expected to take place next month. Over the past two years, UAA has increased its...

Valentine chocolate fun at the bookstore

Chocolate. Some revere it as an aphrodisiac, a food of love or lust. For others it is a sinful pleasure that evokes guilt and self-loathing. Then there are those who simply enjoy it and move on.

Morgan Hooe named Bill MacKay Athlete of the Year

Hooe, along with other UAA athletes were recognized for their top performances in the 2016-17 academic year

New ID rules may complicate air travel

WASHINGTON - Millions of air travelers may find going through airport security much more complicated this spring, as the Bush administration heads toward a showdown with state governments over post-Sept. 11 rules for new driver's licenses. By May, the dispute could leave millions of people unable to use their licenses to board planes, but privacy advocates called that a hollow threat by federal officials.