Sports Briefs 11/3/09

UAA downs WOU on road, 3-1, increase GNAC lead Sophomore outside hitter Jackie Matthisen pounded 18 kills and made a career-high 19 digs against her...

VIDEO: UAA Men’s Basketball Head Coach Rusty Osborne post-game interview Nov. 13

UAA Men's Basketball Head Coach Rusty Osborne answers some questions after the Seawolves' 84-70 loss to Lewis University Nov. 13 in Anaheim.

Woman pleads guilty in drunken breast-feeding case

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- A North Dakota woman accused of breast-feeding her 6-week-old baby while drunk has pleaded guilty to child neglect. Stacey Anvarinia, 36, could face up to five years in prison when she's sentenced on the felony charge in August. Judge Sonja Clapp says Anvarinia will not have to register as an offender against children.

UAA lets another slip away, loses 84-70 to Flyers

The Seawolves seemed to have found themselves in a bad Hollywood script and are desperately looking for a rewrite. UAA seems to have found a...


"My client had absolutely nothing to do with any animal getting a degree from an institution of higher learning." -Lawyer Dean Henry, on Ohio Police Chief John McGuire, who is accused of issuing a degree from an online college to a police dog. McGuire is awaiting trail for falsification and tampering with records.

BiPolar Bears come out of hibernation

It isn’t often that UAA’s Noon Music draws a crowd bigger than five or 10 people, but the BiPolar Bears returned to the Student...

Say What?

SC auction to have paintings by penguin COLUMBIA, S.C. - This art is created not by hands, but by paws and claws. Paintings featuring the brush strokes and paw prints of animals such as snow leopards and sea lions from zoos around the nation sold Tuesday for surprising amounts of money.

UAA gets impressive 67-52 win over West foe UCSD

1-2 may not be how the Seawolves hoped to start their 2010 season, but they sure got a big win over UC-San Diego today...

Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested at Berkeley

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Dozens of people were arrested during Occupy demonstrations at the University of California, Berkeley campus, as authorities twice clashed with...

Say What?

Palin look-alike strippers to strut in pageant LAS VEGAS - Some spectacled strippers are looking to score some votes of their own, just for looking like Sarah Palin. A Sin City strip club says it plans to host a look-alike contest in honor of the GOP vice presidential nominee, and is bringing in women from gentlemen's clubs all over the country to compete.

Proper kayak skills open doors for many opportunities

It's one of the world's most basic forms of transportation, with a history that leads back to native Alaskans. Now, a sea kayak consists of more than sealskin and whalebones, especially when the price comes in at around $1,000 each. Philosophy professor and American Canoe Association certified kayak instructor Terrance Kelly has been teaching basic- and intermediate-level kayaking classes for the last three years.

USUAA Advocacy Report

The USUAA student government Advocacy Team returned from the state capital after a slew of productive meetings with state legislators between Feb. 1 and...

Punk legends Dead Kennedys play Anchorage for first time

Northern Light: You started out with the Dead Kennedys in 1978. How did you come to join the Dead Kennedys? Klaus Flouride: I'd been playing...

Coeur Alaska sells half of Alaskan gold to China

In a landmark trade agreement, China’s largest gold producer will purchase approximately half of the gold produced at Kensington Gold Mine. Kensington Gold Mine,...

{police scanner}

Thursday, April 2 Bungled burglary 4:42 a.m. _" A MAC resident reported someone trying to break into his apartment through the window. Two responding officers discovered...

USUAA appoints rules committee weeks late

USUAA has officially established a rules committee as of its Sept. 26 general assembly meeting. According to the bylaws of the USUAA constitution, a...

Condoms to promote healthy sexuality week

Last week The Northern Light included a condom on 4,500 of the 5,000 issues we circulate both on campus and within the greater UAA community in an effort to promote Healthy Sexuality Week. While we received praise for our issue - and the inclusion of the condoms - we also received backlash.

Best month of sports keeps fans glued to couch

April is the best time to be a sports fan. I have come to that conclusion, but can’t exactly remember when this realization finally...

Features Briefs

"Winter Hullabaloo" makes light of living in Alaska during Fur Rondy In spirit of the Fly By Night Club antics on Spenard, Platinum Jaxx presented "Winter Hullabaloo," a comedy performance starring former Fly By Night Club performer Alice Welling and Brian Herrmann at Platinum Jaxx from Monday, Feb.

Primary health providers in short supply

Last week, I wrote the first part of this article and explained some facts on the shortage of primary care providers in America, which...

With focus turned, it’s still cronyism as usual

If there's anything George W. Bush has shown the American public in his past eight years in office, it's that he's a master of misdirection. Even when Bush and his administration are not personally responsible for whatever is the newest, loudest, shiniest thing on the news, they certainly aren't going to miss an opportunity to try to slip one past us.

Album offers up pleasantly generic rock, not out to change world

The Soundtrack of Our Lives is not out to change rock ‘n’ roll. They’re not really out to change anything. One of the most...

The low men are a high point

It must be nearly impossible to recreate a Stephen King story on the big screen. He's had more books flop as movies than times...

Do not try this at home

It seemed like a typical evening at the bar last Wednesday. This tale begins in the ladies’ room as a young woman in a...

FC March Madness – How the West will be won

West Region - Salt Lake City, UT #1 Seed - Syracuse Orangemen (28-4, Big East Regular Season Champs) Upset Alert & Most Intriguing Matchup - #5...

Metal band Glass Halo rocks Alaska with new album

Five polarizing personalities, one band, one garage and an anxious crowd: That's the blunt and brief of Glass Halo. In a quest to balance the brutal and the beautiful, the accessible and intangible, Glass Halo is set to release their debut album in 2008. What moms would consider a loud racket and a veteran metalhead might call experimental-all-in-one metal, Glass Halo's new album, tentatively titled "Waiting in the Shadows," is being produced by Steve Holt of Portland-based, Alaska-formed 36 Crazyfists.

UAS chancellor has long history with Alaska

For those who know UA presidential finalist and UAS Chancellor John Pugh they all seem to agree on one thing: he’s just a normal...

Dixie St. storms back, defeats UAA 75-58

After being up 32-23 at the half, the Seawolves were torched for 52 points in the second and fell to the Dixie State Red...

Protection sought for pacific walrus

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A conservation group asked the government Feb. 7 to protect Pacific walruses from the effects global warming and energy development could have on the species' northern habitat. The Center for Biological Diversity, which filed the petition, said the receding sea ice is causing walruses to abandon the ice and congregate on shorelines, where the habitat and food supply cannot support so many of them.

Senate race offers no great options on either side

Anchorage Mayor and Democratic US Senate candidate Mark Begich looks great on paper. I mean, really great. He supports renewable energy, transparent government, clean elections, and accountability in education. He even crosses the party line when it comes to the issues that are important to Alaskans, such as resource development and gun ownership.