Students’ hallway art fills need for beauty

Since the upcoming show in the Campus Center Gallery, 2-D Student Invitational doesn't start until Feb. 22. The Northern Light decided to wander the...

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Shuttle to launch new improvements

The Seawolf Shuttle Service is preparing for a major face-lift valued at $25,000 to be implemented before next semester, which will improve how students...


"There are going to be times when I get weary. There are going to be times when I make mistakes." -Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama about how he misstated the death toll of a Kansas tornado as 10,000 instead of 12. (The Associated Press) "As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway.

Professors’ guide to improve teaching style

The Northern Light has compiled this guide as an example of the positive and negative teaching styles seen on campus. Please note that most professors fall to the positive side, but every instructor can benefit from seeing the students' perspective on effective learning.

‘A Dark Song’ shows what horror can achieve

It may be tempting to call “A Dark Song,” the first feature from director Liam Gavin, a supernatural drama instead of horror. It has...

If it doesn’t sound like singing, it’s probably not, so shut up

At what point does tongue-in-cheek become cop-out? How much longer is “screamo” going to be something people can say without snickering? Etymologically speaking, the...

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Stripes, spots give teacher migraine headaches STOCKHOLM, Sweden - A Swedish preschool has been criticized for banning its children from wearing striped and spotted clothing since the patterns give one of its teachers severe migraine attacks. The preschool, in Gallivare, 710 miles north of Stockholm, imposed the ban in one of its areas three years ago.

Summer season means endless outdoor concerts

Whatever your budget and musical tastes, summer in Anchorage offers plenty of options, from local acts to big-name artists.

Devil’s Advocate decides to come clean, in the end

Say goodbye to the Devil's Advocate. No, I'm not leaving because of the steadily dwindling stacks of hate mail I've received (can you even call two letters a stack?). I'm not going because I've run out of interesting topics or weird opinions to trumpet. I'm just graduating, much to the bewildered shock of everyone who knows me.

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Best to use tools on lug nut SOUTHWORTH, Wash. - A man trying to loosen a stubborn lug nut blasted the wheel with a 12-gauge shotgun, injuring himself badly in both legs, sheriff's deputies said. The 66-year-old man had been repairing a Lincoln Continental for two weeks at his home northwest of Southworth, about 10 miles southwest of Seattle, and had gotten all but one of the lug nuts off the right rear wheel by Saturday afternoon, Kitsap County Deputy Scott Wilson said.

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Regents pass budget request to governor The University of Alaska Board of Regents approved its $790 million budget for the 2007 fiscal year Nov. 3....

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Sunday, Jan. 22 Kodiak criminal caught in library 2:46 p.m. _" A library staff member reported a man using the UAA/APU Consortium Library computers to view...

A balanced daily diet for college ballers

What is the ideal diet for a collegiate basketball player? An athlete of this magnitude has a few things to consider: calories, social pressures, availability...

Pregnancy, gender, race and religion not as important as actions and policies

The news is always buzzing with information about government officials. After all, the public should know what decisions theses officials are making for the people they represent. However, lately many local and national news sources are failing to deliver pertinent information to the public.

Stamp offers First-Class lesson on Latino civil rights

WASHINGTON - Of all the little pictures for sale at the postage stamp counter - American flags, Purple Hearts, Dumbo the elephant - one of the newest ones is not so familiar. Two young people with tan skin study an open book, facing an orange sun. "Mendez v.

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Ice queens reign supreme The Anchorage Downtown Partnership will present its 26th year producing an ice sculpture gallery in the Town Square park. The event...

Sandwiches, wraps top the list of favorite food reviews

Since first writing restaurant reviews for The Northern Light in September 2007, I have had the opportunity to sample many dishes and broaden my culinary perspective. In reminiscence of tasting the different fusions of flavor, I've listed a few highlights from the past year.

Print show presents big ideas in miniature form

In the Student Union art gallery, miniature prints line the walls in a simple, neat row. The UAA Print Club sponsored the gallery “Aerial...

Anime Review: Rozen Maiden

In Japan, a fashion style called Gothic Lolita has become popular over the last decade, combining moody and frilly elements into a look that's something like a Victorian-era doll. That subculture obviously provided some inspiration for the creators of "Rozen Maiden," which features cute Victorian-style dolls as its main characters.

Coeur Alaska sells half of Alaskan gold to China

In a landmark trade agreement, China’s largest gold producer will purchase approximately half of the gold produced at Kensington Gold Mine. Kensington Gold Mine,...

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Monday, Feb. 27 Slow Ride 11:42 a.m. _" A staff member reported that a driver had struck the barrier posts on West Campus Drive. The responding...

TNL Covers Great Alaska Shootout

The Great Alaska Shootout: Women Game 2-1 Miama vs Alaska Anchorage. Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

Woman pleads guilty in drunken breast-feeding case

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- A North Dakota woman accused of breast-feeding her 6-week-old baby while drunk has pleaded guilty to child neglect. Stacey Anvarinia, 36, could face up to five years in prison when she's sentenced on the felony charge in August. Judge Sonja Clapp says Anvarinia will not have to register as an offender against children.

Mood swinging fun on The Frames’ new album

With the Feb. 8 release of its new album "Burn the Maps," The Frames is gaining ground on U2, Guinness Stout and leprechauns as...

‘Tumblr,’ what is it?

Guess what site was the winner of the Best Community, Best User Experience and Best Tablet App awards at the 2013 Webby Awards? No, it’s not Facebook or Twitter. It’s Tumblr.

Research shows love improves health and reduces stress

Need more reasons for lovin' your sweetheart this Valentines season? Try this on for size: researchers have found solid links between intimacy and cardiovascular health. At Case Western Reserve, Yale and Harvard Universities, studies have found that people with no history of angina (chest pains), blocked arteries and other common problems usually have loving relationships with their signifi cant other and/or their parents.


"It's like the wound that was starting to heal has been cut open again." -Tina Allerellie, sister of one of Jack Kevorkian's patients, on the doctor's early release from prison. Kevorkian, 79, spent eight years behind bars after being convicted of second-degree murder.