UAA fight song about good times

The “Seawolf Song,” composed in 1987 by Carl Scott and Dan Cox, is a very unique University fight song in that it was written...

Seawolf Rugby club’s first tournament results in ‘a resounding success’

On March 23, the Seawolf Rugby club was able to host their first ever rugby tournament, that resulted in a unanimous success. The club,...

RED ZONE: rape in film reinforces sexist ideals

Rape and sexual violence have had a place in cinema since it began. Women have predominately been the victims of this violence. Women have...

A look into the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon

One year after its debut, 320 athletes signed up for the second year of the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon, which took place July 21. Included...

Prof-iles: James Muller, the Richard Gilmore of UAA

Political science professor, James Muller, has lived the life of a TV character

Yes, ‘Gantz: O’ is as crazy as it looks

There's no way around it, the 3-D CG action flick “Gantz: O” is nuts, just like the manga it's based on.“Gantz,” the movie is...

Get pumped: Six summer festivals for you

With the wide variety of music festivals and functions going on this summer, there is just about something for everyone to enjoy.The Bear Paw...

Getting to know history professor Steve Haycox

Stephen Haycox isn't merely accomplished; he's distinguished. The history professor, author and UAA faculty member for 38 years was recently honored with the Distinguished Professor Award. "UAA has never had a Distinguished Professor," said professor Jim Muller, a close colleague of Haycox's.

Prof-iles: Economics professor finds his calling on a mountain in Nepal

Before economics professor Jim Murphy knew about economics, he was working in the San Francisco bay area. A recession hit the company he was...

Despite appearances, ‘The Mermaid’ is a dark journey

The age of Looney Tunes is long gone and with it a class of slapstick comedy that defined a generation. Stephen Chow is one...

Rock-climbing options abound for UAA students

Fingers blotted with blood and skin-cracking chalk. Forearms so pumped climbers can barely make a fist. It's busy for a Tuesday night. The masses of teens, college kids and 30-somethings congregate at the Alaska Rock Gym to get a workout that differs from that American majority.

UAA should have a chaplain

Students of UAA have the ability to visit the Student Health and Counseling Center to receive a large variety of services that benefit them...

Tarantino tops with ‘Snatch’

A new name has unexpectedly risen from the depths of the crime-drama genre, and he has delivered one of the most raw and hilarious...

Open your eyes to the ‘Vibrant Violence’

Artist Levi Oyster's current show at UAA's Hugh McPeck gallery looks at the dark side of America

Express Studio hopes to expand Anchorage’s break-dancing scene

Express Studio is currently Anchorage's primary break-dancing studio, located downtown on fourth Ave. The studio opened its doors for the first time last month...

Students act bizarre to the commands of hypnotist Sailesh

It's not very often that the party begins after everyone goes to sleep. But this was the case on Feb. 8 when students flocked to the UAA Student Union cafeteria to be dazzled by world-renowned hypnotist Sailesh. The comedic performer, with 17 years of experience in countries including Canada, Sweden, Iceland, England and Finland, gave a group of 20 student volunteers the opportunity to be the stars of the show.

Prof-iles: UAA professor chases dreams and dates rocks

Walking into Erin Shea’s office, the object that catches your eye first is a model NASA space shuttle, followed by a signed picture of...

Native art blankets on campus benefit scholarship fund

They're popping up everywhere. There's one in the Commons across from the fireplace. There's another in the honors department. And in the Native Students Services inside the Rasmuson Hall, they are spread throughout the space. They're Pendleton wool blankets, designed by top Native designers and sold by three of Alaska's largest Native corporations.

The Mountain Goats climb the ranks of folk rock

After lengthy solo stints and occasional band members, songwriter John Darnielle and bassist Peter Hughes have been touring since 1995 as The Mountain Goats. The folk-rock duo has released several albums, including "The Sunset Tree" and "Get Lonely." Their new album, "Heretic Pride," a culmination of Darnielle's imaginative lyrics about pulp fiction, mythical creatures and slasher films, will be released the day of their show at UAA.

‘Sea Fog’ wastes its potential by trying to be a blockbuster

Handling tragedies as horrific as the deaths of 25 Chinese-Korean immigrants on the fishing vessel Taechangho in 2001 takes nuance, reflection, and honesty. “Sea...

Juneteenth: More than a barbecue

On June 19, UAA students, faculty and community members gathered to celebrate Juneteenth with a barbecue, live music and various other games and activities.Juneteenth...

Prof-iles: A love of language and cats

Chair of the Department of Languages, professor Natasa Masanovic-Courtney didn’t speak her first word until she was four years old. In the time...

UAA volleyball wins NCAA West Regional Championships

Seawolf volleyball heads to the NCAA Div. II Elite Eight national quarterfinals

Corporations really aren’t that bad, they just have our best interests in mind

As you may be aware, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that the free speech rights enjoyed by natural persons shall be extended to...

Anchorage Lacrosse Mens’ League Photos

Here are some of the pictures of the Anchorage Lacrosse League taken on March 23, 2010 at the AT&T Sports Center.

Prof-iles: Meet David Bowie, the UAA professor, not the singer-songwriter

Sharing his name with a glam-rock star and flunking out of college led Bowie to find success in linguistics.

ANSEP: Kids build computers on campus

Last Thursday and Friday, the newly remodeled ANSEP Academy Building buzzed with excitement as 48 middle school-aged students made empty computer towers come to...

Rumors of Wendy Williamson Auditorium’s haunting draws spirits, skeptics, speculation

It's that time of year again. Horror-movie marathons play nonstop on TV, and ghost stories are told in the blackness of night. Everyone is looking for a good scare. UAA students won't even have to leave campus. The Wendy Williamson Auditorium, named for late jazz musician and UAA professor John Wendell "Wendy" Williamson, has a paranormal side to it that many people aren't aware of.

Babes in the Woods gallery a fresh take on art

Tucked away inside the Ship Creek Center, recently opened gallery Babes in the Woods celebrated their second First Friday show, "Unexpected Palpitations." The gallery featured vibrant paintings and beadwork by Katie Sevigny and Bonnie Wendt. Babes in the Woods is home to an assortment of organic printed shirts, framed photography and handcrafted jewelry.