Alaska Shield Exercise

April 7, 20160

On April 1st, several first response groups got together to simulate a crisis. This training helps first responders better understand…

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Last Thoughts Before Graduation

March 29, 20160

These upcoming college graduates express their thoughts about graduating and leaving college.

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Bowling Green doesn’t scare Seawolves on Halloween

November 4, 20150

There has been no shortage of questions surrounding this years’ Seawolves since they first took the ice last month. Will…

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UAA hosts 42nd annual Mayor’s Marathon to a great response

June 30, 20150

The University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves hosted Alaska’s most popular marathon and half-marathon event June 20. Several thousand runners competed…

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Back to school: Nicole Sola shares her new passions

March 24, 20150

Student Nicole Sola might be seen around campus studying chemistry or at Bear Tooth Theatre Pub serving pizza and beer.…

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Orange Rhymes With: The ‘green’ revolution and what it means for you

March 4, 20150

Well it finally happened. Much to the surprise of every cynic, including myself, marijuana legalization passed in Alaska and reefer…

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‘Hand of Fate’ is a weird, awesome mix

March 4, 20150

A deck building dungeon-crawling rogue-like with “Arkham Asylum” style combat and visual novel elements, with a narrator reading everything you…

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Quasi-intimacy and the dangers of social media

February 26, 20150

Twitter has drastically changed the relationship between fans and sports teams. It has allowed fans to not only follow their…

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Anger and paranoia: A public transit story

February 18, 20150

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde I laugh at your methods of transportation. We have great warships that travel…

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VIDEO: UAA Anthropology makes move back to Beatrice G. McDonald Hall

December 5, 20140

After two years in the Professional Studies Building with a temporary lab downtown, UAA’s Anthropology Department is returning to the…

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ANSEP: Kids build computers on campus

November 20, 20140

Last Thursday and Friday, the newly remodeled ANSEP Academy Building buzzed with excitement as 48 middle school-aged students made empty…

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TNL Coverage: Interview with election worker Bill Gee

November 7, 20140

By James R. Evans More than 1,000 people cast their votes at the UAA Student Union during the midterm election.…

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Seawolf Slug: Ebola: What me, worry?

October 30, 20140

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde I saw a picture on Facebook that summed up my opinions on this…

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