Tanya Ho named head coach of Seawolf gymnastics

  After 33 years, UAA's first and only head gymnastics coach Paul Stoklos announced his retirement at the end of the past school year. On...

July 2017 message from USUAA President Alec Burris

While I can’t say that I have escaped getting sunburnt this summer, I can say that meaningful progress has been made to improve the...

UAA track and field team finishes a busy season

Seawolves end as one of the top teams in the GNAC

Open your eyes to the ‘Vibrant Violence’

Artist Levi Oyster's current show at UAA's Hugh McPeck gallery looks at the dark side of America

UAA athletic community surprised by retirement of Stoklos

With double digit amounts of national qualifiers, record setting all-academic certifications and several Coach of the Year awards, Stoklos steps into retirement after three decades of coaching.

‘A Dark Song’ shows what horror can achieve

It may be tempting to call “A Dark Song,” the first feature from director Liam Gavin, a supernatural drama instead of horror. It has...

Summer brings the opportunity to rock out

Anchorage's concerts bring familiar faces from the music industry

The debut of summer triathlons: The Gold Nugget

To kick off the first of many summer activities in Anchorage, the traditional Gold Nugget Triathlon took place on May 21.

You haven’t seen an apocalypse like ‘Yakuza Apocalypse’

Just because something is singular doesn't mean it's good. “Yakuza Apocalypse” is a perfect example of this truism. Truly, there's nothing like it out...

Morgan Hooe named Bill MacKay Athlete of the Year

Hooe, along with other UAA athletes were recognized for their top performances in the 2016-17 academic year

Strong performances can’t help the mediocre ‘The Ones Below’

Here’s a good litmus test for average movies: a day after the credits roll, how much can you remember? I’ll tell you what I...

Despite appearances, ‘The Mermaid’ is a dark journey

The age of Looney Tunes is long gone and with it a class of slapstick comedy that defined a generation. Stephen Chow is one...

Six gymnasts named to MPSF All-Academic

After the finish of the MPSF championships weeks ago, the release of the MPSF All-Academics was announced.

There’s nothing unfamiliar about ‘The Stranger’

You'd think a movie with “Stranger” in its title might have something new to offer. This isn't the case in “The Stranger.” Guillermo Amoeda's...

Concerts for a cause

Anchorage Rocks for Autism and Family Tree Presents host weekly concerts for the month of April

Inside UAA intramural sports

UAA offers a broad variety of intramurals to allow it's students to stay active in recreational and interactive team sports.

Staying human means staying together in ‘The Lobster’

There’s nothing sentimental about “The Lobster,” but that doesn’t mean it’s cold. There’s a warmth somewhere deep in its damaged heart, and it only...

‘Evolution’ rewards patience

At times, it can feel like “Evolution” isn't moving at all. The camera lingers on each gooey detail for a little too long, the...

Filmmakers becoming film watchers

Open Projector Night serves as an opportunity for filmmakers to view their projects on the big screen

150 dog deaths as a result of famous Alaskan tradition

After five dog deaths in the 2017 Iditarod alone, protests are beginning in outrage over the unfair deaths.

‘A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence’ is as frustrating as its...

It doesn’t matter how you feel about the uniquely strange Swedish comedy “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence.” The movie will...

Fictional universes often collide with reality in ‘Imaginary Worlds’

The podcast mixes geek-culture and science in a way that is both foreign and familiar

Simplicity makes ‘The Red Turtle’ a masterpiece

Making something as straightforward as “The Red Turtle” is no easy task. Making something so simple and as incredible as “The Red Turtle” is...

The conclusion of the Seawolf gymnastics season

With no expected NCAA West Regional qualifications, the 2017 gymnastics season is brought to and end after the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation championship meet

Yes, ‘Gantz: O’ is as crazy as it looks

There's no way around it, the 3-D CG action flick “Gantz: O” is nuts, just like the manga it's based on.“Gantz,” the movie is...

Express Studio hopes to expand Anchorage’s break-dancing scene

Express Studio is currently Anchorage's primary break-dancing studio, located downtown on fourth Ave. The studio opened its doors for the first time last month...

UAA volleyball wins NCAA West Regional Championships

Seawolf volleyball heads to the NCAA Div. II Elite Eight national quarterfinals

UAA men’s basketball jumps into the season

The Seawolves deputed their season with two back to back wins.

Alaska Shield Exercise

https://youtu.be/2p14SOQB0o0 On April 1st, several first response groups got together to simulate a crisis. This training helps first responders better understand what to do in...

Last Thoughts Before Graduation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_e8lDVXgqQ These upcoming college graduates express their thoughts about graduating and leaving college.