Walk or Not: Should you go to your own Commencement?

December 6, 20150

TNL writers debate attending Fall Commencement

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Can you feel the Bern?

October 21, 20151

As a journalist I’m told to keep my opinion private, to not let anyone on to my beliefs, but a…

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Can’t stump Trump

October 21, 20153

In my official capacity as just some guy, I’m told that I shouldn’t have deeply held opinions about complex issues…

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April 1, 20143

Bearing arms is an AK state right By Calvin Henry The hysteria raised by the firearms debate makes logically arguing…

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Obama’s plan for student loan debt relief

November 8, 20110

Daniel McDonald President Obama’s student loan plan is essentially a campaign stunt that will provide little relief, foot taxpayers with…

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Toe2Toe: Should the minimum wage stay or go?

July 26, 20110

Brett Frazer: We ought to raise the minimum wage The federal minimum wage can barely provide a subsistence wage in…

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Toe2Toe returns

May 31, 20111

“The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat Al Qaeda.…

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January 20, 20090

Death penalty is worthy punishment for heinous crimes By Ashley Smith Since the death penalty has recently been brought back…

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Economic ballot has many wondering

September 30, 20080

Businesses should regulate themselves, not government By Megan Proffer The Northern Light Most everyone has heard of the $700 billion…

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Is abortion genocide?

April 22, 20081

Demonstrators don't understand meaning of genocide By Kaitlin Johnson The Northern Light All Americans have the right to promote and…

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Should smoking be banned on campus?

November 27, 20074

Smokers have the right to light up By Emma Gould The Northern Light The smokers' world is rapidly shrinking, and…

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Should smoking be banned on campus?

November 20, 20070

"Isn't a little irritation worth saving lives?" Kyra Sherwood The Northern Light "A campus-wide smoking ban would alienate this group…

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Should preteens be provided birth control at school?

October 30, 20072

Teresa Combs: Maine decision an effective way to avoid child parents. Kyra Sherwood: New rule doesn't let kids stay kids…

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Does UAA really need to build a new sports complex?

July 31, 20071

Suzanna Caldwell: New sports center necessary for athletic growth. When Gov. Sarah Palin vetoed the building of the new sports…

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