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Calvin Henry


Bearing arms is an AK state right By Calvin Henry The hysteria raised by the firearms debate makes logically arguing the subject a very challenging and elusive task. It is hard to find factual data regarding how many people are killed every year due to firearms. Finding such data is heavily biased, depending on who […]

Obama’s plan for student loan debt relief

Daniel McDonald President Obama’s student loan plan is essentially a campaign stunt that will provide little relief, foot taxpayers with the bill, and do nothing to address rising tuition costs. To start, in order to qualify you must have at least $28,000 in student loans when you graduate, which in turn means you could save […]

Toe2Toe: Should the minimum wage stay or go?

Brett Frazer: We ought to raise the minimum wage The federal minimum wage can barely provide a subsistence wage in the status quo. Working 50 hours a week at minimum wage gives an individual approximately $1,100 after taxes. After rent, utilities, food purchases, transportation, health costs, and unexpected expenses are considered, there is no money […]

Al Qaida Israel

Toe2Toe returns

“The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat Al Qaeda. But his death does not mark the end of our effort.”

President Obama prompted a brief wave of unified patriotism across the U.S. with this comment on May 2, not long after a SEAL team raided Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound and killed him. But there’s a lot to unpack in the president’s statement. America’s war against Al Qaeda started in 2001 with the prime objective of bringing bin Laden “to justice.


Death penalty is worthy punishment for heinous crimes By Ashley Smith
Since the death penalty has recently been brought back into the spotlight by Alaska legislature, many Alaskans are scrutinizing facts vs. opinion.

Archaic methods no use in modern society By Brianna Dym
There is currently a bill in Alaska legislation (HB9) calling for capital punishment to be implemented into the state’s criminal justice system.

Economic ballot has many wondering

Businesses should regulate themselves, not government By Megan Proffer The Northern Light Most everyone has heard of the $700 billion bailout the Federal government is giving companies like AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It is being sold by Ben Bernanke and the White House as a cure-all for our economy.

Is abortion genocide?

Demonstrators don’t understand meaning of genocide By Kaitlin Johnson The Northern Light All Americans have the right to promote and defend their beliefs. However, they also have a responsibility to represent issues in an honest manner. The Genocide Awareness Project, which has been hosted all across the nation, displayed its anti-abortion message for students to see.

Should smoking be banned on campus?

Smokers have the right to light up By Emma Gould The Northern Light The smokers’ world is rapidly shrinking, and they are fuming mad. Providence Alaska Medical Center’s recent decision to ban smoking on their property has some wondering if the same would ever be considered across the street at UAA.

Should smoking be banned on campus?

“Isn’t a little irritation worth saving lives?”
Kyra Sherwood
The Northern Light

“A campus-wide smoking ban would alienate this group of people and trample on their right to make personal decisions.”
Emma Gould
The Northern Light

Should preteens be provided birth control at school?

Teresa Combs: Maine decision an effective way to avoid child parents. Kyra Sherwood: New rule doesn’t let kids stay kids or parents stay parents.

Best Alaskan - Whitney Tillman spent her spring break supporting the weight of Mendengall Glacier in Juneau

Does UAA really need to build a new sports complex?

Suzanna Caldwell: New sports center necessary for athletic growth. When Gov. Sarah Palin vetoed the building of the new sports center, she also vetoed the chance to make UAA a shining example of athletics in our community. Kyra Sherwood: Other projects should take precedence over sports arena.

Doctor released from jail for assisting patients in suicide; was he kind or a killer?

Desire for death often prompted by depression, by Kyra Sherwood; Kevorkian risked career to give patients peace, by Teresa Combs.

Should the mentally ill go to prison, or get a second chance?

Insanity law shouldn’t protect guilty from justice By Kelly McLain Cynthia Lord did what a sane mother can only fear. According to news reports, while at her Anchorage home in 2004, Lord shot three of her four children: Christopher, Joey and Michael. Lord’s reason for the murders was her belief that her sons were going to be turned into clones.

Are humans responsible for global warming?

Human contribution to global warming is negligible By Aaron Burkhart The fact is, temperature fluctuations – both short term and long term – are a natural part of the Earth’s climate. In the ’60s and ’70s, many scientists were warning of global cooling, as temperatures had dipped since the ’40s.

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