VIDEO: UAA Men’s Basketball Taylor Rhode and Steve White

UAA Junior transfer forward Taylor Rhode and UAA Junior guard Steve White talk about their trip to Anaheim, the addition of Rhode to the...

Lady Seawolves fall just short of conference title

The Lady Seawolves, coming off a perfect February run, entered their final two games of the regular season with a chance at their first conference title since 1989. Just a game behind perennial conference power Seattle Pacific, the Seawolves held the tie-breaker if the race with Seattle Pacific ended in a dead heat.

Sea Lions upset Seawolves in epic NCAA West Regional game

March Madness, commonly used to describe the nationally televised National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Basketball Championship, has several “sister” tournaments organized in the...

Exceeding expectations: Long jumper destroys the competition

David Registe lives the typical life of a student-athlete. On weekdays he goes to practice, goes to class and spends a good part of his day studying in UAA's Student Union. Between studies he snacks on tortilla chips, messes with his iPod and texts friends before heading home to relax and maybe play a few rounds of "Gears of War" on his XBox.

Sledding the Northland

Sledding no longer means going straight down a steep hill in a straight line, hoping nothing is in your way until you gradually come to a stop. It has been redefi ned into something more complex, into something that possibly rivals skiing and snowboarding in a short run.

Former UAA athlete Sierra Afoa becomes assistant coach

For those who keep up with women’s basketball at UAA, you may remember the starting center from last season, Sierra Afoa. Former student and...

Spikers split first two on the road

The Seawolves got off on the wrong foot in their debut game in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference. The University of Alaska Anchorage women's...

Broadcaster apologizes for disparaging remarks

Radio host Don Imus apologized April 6 for calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" on his nationally syndicated program. The National Association of Black Journalists demanded his immediate firing after the man known as "Imus in the Morning" put his foot deep in his mouth April 4.

March Alaska sports recap

As the end of the month approaches, athletes all over the state have been busy with sporting events near and far.