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Looking back at the Seawolves’ fall semester

With the fall semester coming to an end, it’s time to reflect. Join me as I travel back and reminisce about the most memorable and entertaining highlights the Seawolf athletes had over the last four months.


Megatron for MVP

Quick trivia question: how many wide receivers have been named NFL Most Valuable Player? Answer: a big, fat zero.
That’s right, not even Jerry Rice, the greatest wideout ever, was able to corral an MVP trophy during his Hall of Fame career. Quarterbacks and running backs have always dominated the award, prompting the follow-up trivia question:


Overtime: Combat corner: UFC 167 primer and predictions

Georges St-Pierre is gearing up to defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Championship belt for the ninth consecutive time Saturday night. He’ll tangle with Johny Hendricks, a grinder who possesses the 2.0 version of Dan Henderson’s “H-Bomb.”


Overtime: A message for Red Sox Nation

The Red Sox clinched the 2013 World Series title last week in Boston, and an entire city collectively rejoiced.

The rest of the country collectively rolled their eyes.

As another classic October unfolded in the baseball universe, I was reminded of something I had known for years: I loathe Red Sox Nation.


Overtime: Head to head: Forecasting the best and worst of the 2013-14 NBA season

Thomas McIntyre and Mark Hoffman are two of the Northern Light’s sports writers — nothing more, nothing less. The duo has been pitted against each other to predict the results of the 2013-14 NBA season.

“For me, this will be exactly like in “Above The Rim” when Shep played heads up with an invisible defender,” said McIntyre.

“I’ve played basketball with God Shammgod,” Hoffman responded.

And they’re off.


Overtime: Fantasy football stock report

Enough football has been played that we can now project the future using real data, trends, patterns, and results. Forget where they were drafted and how much you like them. These are players whose stock is rising and falling. Therefore, these are players you should trade for and away.


Overtime: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

No, it’s not time for Santa and Yuletide carols. I actually don’t even know what Yuletide means. But one thing I do know is it’s October, and I’m excited! This is the best time of the year to be a sports fan. Although October is traditionally reserved for baseball postseason excitement, the month is also a reason for fans of every sport to get pumped.


Overtime: Flashing forward to the 2014 NFL Draft

Sometimes I try to explain to my friends who are Patriots fans what it’s like to root for the St. Louis Rams. It’s as if I’m speaking to them in Latin. They nod and act like my words are registering, but really, they’re too busy wondering if they could pull off UGGs as well as Tom does.

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Overtime: Ranking the NHL’s elite 8 teams

I don’t claim to be an expert on the NHL. If I were writing this during my run as one of the top five regional NHL Hitz 2002 players, maybe it’d be a different story.

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Overtime: Rafael Nadal is the unstoppable force

Nadal and Federer represent the thunder and lightning of tennis.

Nadal is a brute. He attacks the ball violently and keeps a crippling pace. His overwhelming style is akin to Jim Brown running with the football.

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Overtime: NFL over/under win totals cheat sheet

This week’s Overtime goes out to all my readers who just unloaded half of their wardrobe at Plato’s Closet so they could lay $15 more on the Detroit Lions over/under. Gambling is fun. (Warning: it is also semi-illegal.)


Overtime: The summer of Jozy

Soccer in the United States is still in development. Talk to anyone who thinks they know about soccer and they’ll snap back about how the highest level of the game is played outside of America.


Overtime: Ten things: summer sports edition

For sports fans, the summer is made up of extreme peaks and valleys. One day it’s the NBA Draft, the next day it’s a San Diego Padres doubleheader. These are my thoughts on ten of the stories that are holding us over until the X Games start. 1. If you’re not watching baseball, I don’t […]


Shootout 13: Checking out the slow-burning Denver Pioneers

The Great Alaska Shootout has transitioned from showcasing major powers like Duke and Kentucky to mid-major powers like Murray State and Belmont.

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