RED ZONE: Local beer accused of promoting rape culture

October 17, 20160

An Alaskan craft beer that has been around since the 1990s has recently been accused of promoting rape culture and…

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RED ZONE: A beginner’s guide to self defense

October 9, 20160

When it comes to sexual assault and rape, knowing how to defend yourself can be extremely helpful. There are many…

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RED ZONE: What athletes think about their peers in sexual assault cases

October 2, 20160

Examining athletes thoughts on sexual assault cases among other athletes

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RED ZONE: Four prison sentences longer than Brock Turner’s

September 26, 20160

Brock Turner is now a household name. The former Stanford student’s short sentence of just three months for raping an…

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Red Zone: Pop culture meets rape culture

September 18, 20160

Insight into how multiple forms of pop culture reflect our societies' views on rape

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RED ZONE: 3,400 and counting — untested rape kits discovered in statewide audit

September 12, 20160

The number of untested rape kits in the state is expected to rise as inventory for 35 law enforcement agencies…

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An introduction to the 2016 Red Zone series

August 23, 20160

College begins as the first day of the rest of our lives. We discover our passions, make lasting friendships and…

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Little Black Dress event demonstrates meaning of consent

February 14, 20160

Little Black Dress mixer addresses consent issues

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Bringing in the Bystander program teaches sexual assault bystander ethics

November 8, 20150

The Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC) offers interesting and instructive trainings and workshops to promote the health and wellness…

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RED ZONE: How trigger warnings affect sexual assault victims and sufferers of PTSD

October 28, 20151

Sexual assault is a traumatic experience, and some schools and universities around the nation are taking the initiative of warning…

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RED ZONE: The push for a gender-neutral environment

October 21, 20150

Gender-neutral bathrooms are becoming more normalized in American culture. An elementary school in San Francisco introduced gender-neutral bathrooms to its…

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RED ZONE: Not so blurred lines

September 21, 20150

  A college campus at the beginning of fall is an influx of new ideas, new people and new beginnings.…

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RED ZONE: Introducing the 2015 Red Zone series

August 18, 20150

As the trees slowly begin to fade to orange, the fight for parking starts anew and hallways at UAA begin…

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Being smart at parties is easier than you think

August 10, 20150

I’m not going to play Mother Mary and tell you not to go to a party. Most of you reading…

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