How UAA can help fight Alaska’s rising STI rates

UAA should do more to combat the growing public health crisis

No complaints

By Keon Hee Jang Keon Hee Jang is a civil engineering student at UAA and a Resource Assistant at the Student Union Info Desk. Students can’t complain...

Presidential Message – August 2018

Dear Seawolves, The time has come when you feel the excitement of meeting new people, facing new challenges and getting closer to your goals. Here...

Accessible Wayfinding and Campus Navigation System comes to UAA

By Katherine Irwin Katherine Irwin is a senior at UAA, majoring in Journalism & Public Communications with a minor in art. Irwin also works at the...

Letter from the editor: Your future is waiting for you

When I started my collegiate journey at UAA in 2014, I didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life...

UAA benefits from employing tenured faculty

While there are exceptions to this ruling, under current policy, to be a tenured professor within the University of Alaska system more or less means that he or she cannot be fired. The reason this makes UAA a higher quality university is because it protects and encourages freedom of thought and speech.

What should the burden of proof be on campus sexual misconduct...

OPINION: Title IX and university investigations should be held to the same standard as other criminal investigations at the state and federal levels.

Anchorage should be Alaska’s capital

Caleb Berry is a senator for USUAA. The debate to move the Alaska State Capital from Juneau to Alaska is nothing new. The debate began...

Autocrats before Theocrats: The Case for Supporting Bashar al-Assad

By Ben Edwards When the Arab Spring kicked off in 2010, President Obama was caught off guard. What followed was a haphazard scramble of inconsistent...

Why UAA should be a concealed carry campus

Under specific circumstances, even students are permitted to carry firearms on campus.

Greek life promotes success, community for students

Students who participate in Greek Life organizations tend to perform better academically than those who do not, Berry says.

Persecuted for faith: Christians in Egypt

It is a tragedy when human rights are violated. Targeted violence against a group of people is never acceptable. It is a sad reality...

Letter to the Editor: Why We Are Voting “No” on Proposition...

By Ben Edwards and Suzanne Snyder Many arguments have been presented as to why Prop 1 should be rejected, but there is one important argument missing:...

Why I will vote for Rebecca Logan

OPINION editor Caleb Berry says Rebecca Logan "is the superior candidate" for Mayor of Anchorage "due to her position on law enforcement and fiscal matters."

Philippine media: Silencing the press builds ignorance in society

OPINION: According to Mizelle Mayo's research, the Philippines was rated the third most “ignorant” country by Ipsos’s “The Perils of Perception 2017.”

TOE TO TOE: Should the U.S. tighten restrictions on firearms? NO

“Common sense” gun control measures can be unconstitutional, restricting the rights of licensed gun owners

What a utopia

OPINION: "If every man, woman and child in this country would regulate his and her conduct to the teachings of the scriptures, America could be the most successful, functional and happy society the world has ever known."

TOE TO TOE: Should the U.S. tighten restrictions on firearms? YES

The U.S. needs to crack down on firearm regulations and decrease their accessibility

A critique of power is not critique of identity

If you have had the misfortune to hear a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos or Richard Spencer, or heard conservative mouthpieces such as Tomi Lahren...

Why I’ll vote for Mike Dunleavy

Opinion editor Caleb Berry says Sen. Mike Dunleavy has his vote for governor.

An open letter to the Alaska State Legislature

Opinion Editor Caleb Berry asks Alaska's legislators to accept and pass the UA Board of Regents proposed budget of $341 million.

Live and let live: A defense of the Christian baker

OPINION: Every day, we awake in a nation where religious freedom is a guarantee to every person; rights rarely come free. One citizen by the name of Jack Philips is currently fighting for his rights and deserves our support.

An open letter to the NCAA

OPINION: "I am an amateur chess player. It is something I do for entertainment and personal enjoyment. I play without pay and do not receive benefits for my participation in events. A college athlete, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of an amateur."

The US should withhold aid from Pakistan

By Caleb Berry Opinion Editor There are times where I wish that the White House would block twitter from its Wi-Fi service. I have never observed...

Celebrities should not run for president

By Caleb Berry Opinion Editor The election of former television personality Donald Trump to the office of president has led to the general public entertaining the...

February 2018 from Student Body President Alec Burris

Resolution #18-06: Regarding the Alaska Performance Scholarship and the Alaska Education Grant

A note from the editors

In the age of fake news and a strained trust of the media, it is important to be transparent when errors have occurred surrounding...

Aziz Ansari is guilty, but so are we

"We use verbal and non-verbal cues in our everyday lives in a variety of circumstances. Ansari should not be given a free pass for supposedly missing Grace’s repeated cues, and people should not blame her for feeling pressured and unable to give explicit refusal."

Senate filibusters need to be abolished

By Caleb Berry [email protected] In the practice of creating political spectacles there is no technique more spectacular or theatrical than the filibuster. The mere threat by...

The concept of race is cultural, not scientific

The concept of race — that physical features determine intelligence, ability, character — does not exist in science.  The mapping of human DNA shows that there...