Hollywood tells us we are what we watch

By Jessica Ramsey Golden The Northern Light   Everybody on the planet loves "The Usual Suspects." Everybody. No exceptions. It's one of the greatest films of all...

Homecoming this year a big disappointment

By the Northern Light Staff   We have noticed a dearth of school spirit at UAA. Maybe the fact that our rival is 400 miles away has...

Parnell’s proposed scholarship program nothing but beneficial

When it comes to attending college, a student's worry is not only on their school and what they will do for work afterwards. A...

It’s the economy again, stupid

If you are looking for a presidential campaign laden with social issues and tough talk on terrorism talk, look again. The 2012 election will be based on the economy, if we’re lucky. In recent years, presidential campaigns have focused on a variety of issues, regardless of the President’s actual power over them while in office.

Green Fee: It’s your money, spend it

Our voice was heard. The student body collectively decided to add $3 to student fees for those taking three or more credit hours in the November 2011 general election at UAA.

It’s not just about being number 1 for women’s basketball

For the fi rst time ever in the history of UAA women's basketball the UAA women are the best NCAA Division II squad in the nation. It's not a small feat for a team that fi nished the seaon13-14 before current head coach Tim Moser took over as head coach in 2006.

Final Four appearance adds to Seawolf sports legacy

UAA women's basketball has proven yet again that they are the pride of an increasingly successful Seawolf athletic program. The Seawolves enjoyed the top spot in the region for much of the portion and the number one spot in the nation for three weeks by the successor to first place in the GNAC, Seattle Pacific.

Student body actually has a pulse, finally responding to Regents’ actions

After what has seemed like years of apathy, UAA students finally seem to care about something. Sure, there are always the few vocal students...

Bad accessibility makes new garage a poor fit

While a new parking garage may bring relief from snow and rain, it won't ease the congestion found on other parts of campus or add ease of use to a campus already lacking in accessibility. So the addition of a new parking garage seems unfounded. While more parking is always a welcome relief for students, a parking garage on the edge of campus will not ease the issues students have with parking to begin with.

Philippine media: Silencing the press builds ignorance in society

OPINION: According to Mizelle Mayo's research, the Philippines was rated the third most “ignorant” country by Ipsos’s “The Perils of Perception 2017.”

State surplus should support wind energy, not rebate

Anyone would like something for nothing, but we all know nothing is free, especially money. So when you hear politicians start talking about giving people their money back, naturally you ought to be skeptical.

Bush must pay attention to history

Attacks on the Taliban regime are underway. What we hope for now is that the Bush Administration reads its history books. Lyndon B. Johnson...

Letters to the Editor

Use a stick, not a carrot on corporations So our legislators are looking at tax incentives for corporations that retain and create jobs in the United States. They're using the wrong approach. How about using the stick instead of the carrot? In lieu of rewarding good corporate behavior, they should be taxing the bad behavior of those corporations that outsource jobs for the purpose of avoiding taxation.

Letter to the Editor: Support House Bill 43 for medical education...

What about a medical school in Alaska? It is in our best interest to have excellent medical education and teaching hospitals where we live.

Hashtags reflect the nation’s concerns better than media

Biden’s teeth bared. Romney’s caffeine overdose. Binders full of women. And the biggest American flagpin of anyone...on the entire stage.

{Your Perspective}

Anti-gays ignorant of gay Civil Rights struggle Relax homophobes! Some of the recent letters to the editor regarding the issue of gay marriage have revealed...

Occupy Wall Street is a protest of last resort

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is one of the most widespread protest movements in recent memory. What began as a few dozen people leaning cardboard...

American citizens need to take back their government

Well, in the 11th hour, congress passed a bill designed to take from the middle class and give to the wealthy. It has proven,...

{our perspective}

UAA's dining options suck. That's right boys and girls _" it's time for The Northern Light's perennial Food on Campus editorial. It's a lament...

Boundaries of bus system not bountiful for hard at work, fee...

By: Audriana Pleas When students pay tuition each semester there are various amounts of fees that one must pay. Students pay a student life fee,...

Chelsea Manning: A lesson to the public

On July 12, 2007, two United States Army Apache helicopters opened fire on nine to eleven men in Baghdad, according to United States Central Command. After the dust settled, eight men lay dead.

Palin’s move is a shocker for the best

Alaska is still spinning after a single resignation struck our state like a Mack truck. But starting July 26, are Americans lucky that we are only losing an Alaska governor? Less than a year ago, then-governor Palin accepted the vice presidential slot in the McCain campaign.

Proposed bike plan needs our support

Both citizens and assembly members are pushing for a new bike plan to be instituted in Anchorage. This new bike plan could potentially introduce numerous...

Silence not a substitute for speaking out

Forcible rape rates in Anchorage are the highest they’ve been in 30 years. The name of the crime itself presents a problem. It implies there is such a thing as non-forcible rape. That’s incorrect. The only other category of rape is stat­utory rape. If you didn’t know any of that, we can’t say we blame you.

Senate filibusters need to be abolished

By Caleb Berry cberry@thenorthernlight.org In the practice of creating political spectacles there is no technique more spectacular or theatrical than the filibuster. The mere threat by...

Campus Reactions to 9/11

Editor's note: Terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., riveted the nation's attention last week. At UAA, classes observed moments of silence to...

A world of ideas

“The world is my idea: this is a truth which holds good for everything that lives and knows, though man alone can bring it...

Harbinger of 2012 in NYC

It’s fair to say Republicans were wrong about the efficacy of President Obama’s job creating (and/or saving) policies. Alas, my humble realization has nothing to do with CNN’s infallible fact-checker of truthiness, but is rather a result of last week’s elections.

Midterm frustrations multiplied by registration

Accompanying the stress that midterms inevitably causes students comes the stress of trying to form a game plan of classes for the next semester...

Serial killers inhabit “The Inside” of our cultural psyche

What does a serial killer do? He kills. No. That’s incidental. What does a serial killer do? He practices ritual mutilation of his victims to titillate the...