Unilateral parking fee isn’t the best solution

The parking situation on campus has for years been a pet complaint among students. But as anyone who's attended a university outside Alaska can...

Anti-evolution arguments fallacious and ignorant

By Emerson White In a previous week’s opinion section I read an opinion piece by Michael Janti and felt that it couldn’t go unanswered. Michael...

First presidential debate shows lots of fuzzy logic

Oct. 3 marked the first presidential debate between standing President Barack Obama, Democrat, and Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Covered topics included the economy, health care, and the role of government.

Short library hours a nusance

Students live busy lives, and there's no way around it. Students have to manage their lives around work, class and family schedules to make sure that they get all of their work done. For many who utilize the library, having broad, accessible times is a necessity in order to get their work done.

{Your Perspective}

War can be non-violent Robin Inman, in a letter last week said that "non-violent warrior" is an oxymoron. Actually it isn't. Proof: during the war...

The state of The Northern Light

It’s amazing how fast a year can pass. Last August, I sat at this desk for the first time as the editor of The Northern...

{Letters to the editor}

Sidewalks are dangerous for bicyclists Nobody seems to note (in "Bicycling is bliss, but watch your back," July, 2006) that Anchorage uses sidewalks as bike...

Express UAA’s needs to new UA president

A changing of the guard has taken place at the University of Alaska. As has been reported on extensively since former-President Mark Hamilton announced...

Latrine Dean: Administration Building – 1st Floor (Atrium)

The word ‘Administration’ makes me think of this building as the heart of campus.  No longer where our administration works, the building itself lends...

Subsidized loans for gradate school help economy

Students at UAA are all too familiar with the rising cost of college education. Protests on campus last year demonstrated that many students were not pleased with the Board of Regent’s proposed tuition hikes. I suspect that proposed tuition hikes in the future will be met with a similar response.

Readying for registration

It feels like yesterday that fall classes started. And yet here we are, already past midterms, and many of us are close to choosing classes for the spring semester. Those who are lucky enough to be graduating this fall no longer have to feel the stress of carefully selecting classes to ensure a timely graduation. But for those that have time left, they will soon feel the pressure of figuring out their destiny for the upcoming semester.

Tuition rises every year, students foot the bill

A bachelor’s degree is generally viewed as a four-year degree, although it seems as though that view is a little bit outdated since many...

Capitalize on a change

There is something about the change of seasons. Even though the days are shorter, the nights are darker and the air is cooler, we...

Traditions are made by celebrating significant events

I am compelled to respond to your opinion piece of Feb. 15, 2005. We appreciate your coverage Chancellor Maimon’s installation. We also appreciate the vigilance...

Cheap degrees keep Alaska students in state

The university is planning a 17-percent tuition increase during the next two years after 10-percent hikes in 2004 and 2005. That's a compounded 42.417-percent...

Vote in favor of the equal media fee split

As you all know, or should know, each student pays a hefty amount of student fees every semester. If you look closely at your bill,...

Republicans, not Obama carry debt ceiling burden

In 1948, President Harry S Truman nicknamed the 80th United States Congress the “Do-Nothing Congress.” After controlling both houses of Congress for almost the entirety of the early 20th century, Democrats lost both the House and the Senate midway through Truman’s first term.

Beware of ice on campus!

If you think a full cup of coffee, holding a baby or extreme caution can save you, you’re wrong. Ice will take down just about every person at least one time during the winter. And while the least that could happen to someone who slips are wet pants or few cuts and bruises, broken bones and head injuries are also possibilities.

Why we should care about Black History Month

Black History Month has been a topic of great debate as this year’s celebrations quickly approach. Individuals appear to be of two minds when...

Develop sustainable habits to last a lifetime

The garbage can is a place most people visit several times a day. If it talked, it could be a person's best friend, because it's probably visited more than human friends. Have you ever thought about ways to reduce trips to the garbage? Most people have talked about the importance of making our world more sustainable.

Just because some do, doesn’t mean all do

This is in response to Rich Stromberg’s “Even rock stars go to school,” published in the March 15 issue of the Northern Light. Perhaps some...

Get yourself out of a pinch with the latest tech revolution

"Wow, Michelle, it's so nice of you to visit me in the hospital like this. And thanks so much for bringing me the notes...

Sullivan best choice for Anchorage mayor

Former Mayor Begich left us with a $17 million budget deficit. He departed to D.C. smelling like a rose, leaving our city in the hole. Furthermore, he was well aware of this deliberate shortage. To our detriment, liberal candidates for mayor Matt Claman and Sheila Selkregg voted to approve this atrocious budget insufficiency.

Death tax harmful to a dying economy

The estate tax (also known as the death tax) is possibly the most devastating form of taxation ever created. It is for this reason...

Dormant for a year, the Students for Life are back

One may not expect such open-minded answers from the president of Students for Life. O’Neil, the recently appointed president of Students for Life, said “My interest...

The controversial, non-existent holiday tree

In recent weeks, we’ve been going down the line of states to see which will dare to call their amply decorated and brightly lit spruce trees Christmas trees or holiday trees. In Rhode Island, it’s a holiday tree, though calling it so cause much grief for Gov. Chafee.

Comment from the community

Hi! From May 2004-June 2009, I was the admin for Student Media here at UAA and just wanted to pass on how much I've enjoyed the both content and layout of the paper this past academic year.

With Obama in office, here’s hoping for more civil liberties

Under the Bush administration the phrase "illegal wiretapping" became a part of the American vernacular. Some Americans accepted this disgraceful act as a justifi able bi-product of Homeland Security, America's war against those nasty little terrorists while others proclaimed it to be a step toward full-blown fascism.

Editorial – Removal of the Rec Department, oh my!

UAA may be making a small, but resounding, mistake. On April 6, the decision came to cut the UAA Housing Recreation & Activities program from...

Letter to the Editor

Abortion protest meant to inform, not inflame I feel compelled to address concerns and feelings of those opposed to the Genocide Awareness Project. First of all, Students for Life is not against anyone; we in no way want to hurt women that have had abortions or anyone involved in the act in any capacity.