Summer parking’s not free anymore

Don't have an annual permit and reading this on campus? You may want to run back and feed the Pay N' Park machine. Because for the first time, summer parking is being enforced. After years of carefree summer parking days, it's no longer the case. With a new parking garage being built on East campus to accommodate the Integrated Science Building, someone has to pay for it, namely UAA parkers.

Strong voter turnout leaves room for alternatives

There are two positive outcomes from the 2008 presidential primary. Presidential candidates are slowly taking more notice of Alaska, and better yet, Alaska residents are getting more involved with politics. As a result, Super Tuesday set a record in Alaska for the caucus turnout but revealed flaws in the caucus setup.

Make your opinion heard: Don’t just complain about issues, vote

USUAA realized their election broke a record for the number of ballots they received after the April 8 and April 9 ballots were tallied. Unofficially, 1,101 ballots were counted, beating the previous record of 1,054, according to an e-mail from Sarah Roberson, chair of the Election Board.

Highway fatalities can be prevented

In light of the recent and tragic accidents, especially those involving serious injuries and fatalities, it seems prudent to address the issue of dangerous...

Raising age of compulsory education is unhelpful

U.S. colleges are the best in the world because they treat their students with respect. To a greater degree than high school, college centers...