Sunshine in government maintains accountability

In a government for the people and by the people, one would think secrets from the people wouldn't be common. But they are. For example, when The Northern Light showed up uninvited to a low-key UAA Board of Advisors Feb. 23 meeting in which UA President Mark Hamilton was to discuss interim chancellor candidates, our reporters were met with apprehension.

Solution to Alaska’s doctor shortage is UAA

Sen. Lisa Murkowski began the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on Feb. 21 by addressing mail she's received over the past year from patients, especially those on Medicare, who say they have made 80 to 100 calls unsuccessfully trying to find a doctor.

Departure highlights systemwide problems

We all knew it was coming. But now that Chancellor Elaine Maimon has officially announced her resignation at UAA to accept a position as president of Governors State University in Illinois, the questions linger. When Maimon announced her resignation, she said it was in part because she wanted to work at a school where she could have an impact on the policies in effect.

Group projects are a waste of students’ time

As the semester grinds along, thoughts of many students turn to upcoming midterms, reports and other projects that inevitably punctuate the spring months. The greatest fear among many students is that one of them will become a group project, which is probably the thing most-hated by students since cafeteria food.

Foreign or not, hockey coach should stay

UAA Athletic Director Steve Cobb announced Jan. 26 that the search for a men's hockey coach has concluded. This might come as a surprise to many, considering the Seawolves already have a hockey coach in Dave Shyiak, who has served since June 2005. He's the same coach who last season produced 10 student-athletes on the WCHA all-academic team, and this season has lead the Division I Seawolves to a Nye Frontier Classic win and victories over national powers Wisconsin and Colorado College, while also recapturing the Governor's Cup from rival UAF.