Sometimes not saying anything is best option, especially when using Twitter

Here at The Northern Light, we like to think we're pretty hip - especially when it comes to technology. Even more so when it comes to social networking sites. Most of us came of age around the same time as MySpace and Facebook, and have spent most of our formative years immersed in the sites our parents all thought of as "devious.

Non-discrimination policy should be updated

There has been a surge in debating the necessity of extending more rights to LGBT citizens. President Obama recently announced that he would be working towards extending benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. And locally in Anchorage, debate has increased over Assembly Ordinance 64 that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Summer parking’s not free anymore

Don't have an annual permit and reading this on campus? You may want to run back and feed the Pay N' Park machine. Because for the first time, summer parking is being enforced. After years of carefree summer parking days, it's no longer the case. With a new parking garage being built on East campus to accommodate the Integrated Science Building, someone has to pay for it, namely UAA parkers.

Beat finals week stress on campus

Every year finals come, and every year everyone acts like a big surprise. But really, why? Generally we all know that the projects we have due have been due at this exact date since - well, the beginning of the semester. But still, the fact that students are students leads to the inevitable procrastination and final push to the finish to learn everything we should have learned over the last four months.

USUAA works hard, but not nearly hard enough to deserve student fee bump

Arguably, for the first time in recent history, USUAA put on a dance that was worth attending. The homecoming dance that was held on Oct. 3 was undoubtedly a success. The event was a sell out - with students lined up outside the Alaska Native Heritage Center, waiting to get into the dance the USUAA was responsible for hosting.

Final Four appearance adds to Seawolf sports legacy

UAA women's basketball has proven yet again that they are the pride of an increasingly successful Seawolf athletic program. The Seawolves enjoyed the top spot in the region for much of the portion and the number one spot in the nation for three weeks by the successor to first place in the GNAC, Seattle Pacific.

Stimulus funding for education a bright idea

Why is it that education seems to be the first thing to be cut when it comes to funding from the state of Alaska? Governors across the nation are deciding how to use some of the $787 billion President Obama signed into law in late February. Gov. Sarah Palin is not left out of this.

Rural information access needs improvement

Recently the Anchorage Daily News has stopped distributing their newspaper to rural Alaskan towns and Anchorage schools of all kinds. This means that students in the Anchorage School District and those of UAA are no longer receiving free ADN newspapers. Small towns aren't receiving any at all.

HB 109 a step towards college inaccessibility

Alaska, which fl unked its affordability in education test from the National Institute for Public Policy and Higher Education, is taking steps to make access to higher education less accessible. A new bill being assessed in the Alaska State Legislature, HB 109, might make students who need State Loans unable to get them, due to their lack of credit.

Condoms to promote healthy sexuality week

Last week The Northern Light included a condom on 4,500 of the 5,000 issues we circulate both on campus and within the greater UAA community in an effort to promote Healthy Sexuality Week. While we received praise for our issue - and the inclusion of the condoms - we also received backlash.

Divorce is a high possibility regardless of age, marrying young raises those risks

Marriage is a complicated thing, and for students, it is something that has all the odds stacked against it. But it's also a lack of motivation and an unwillingness to put work into a relationship that can often cause rifts in the relationship. Between busy work schedules and classes, the modern marriage can become more stressful than helpful.

It’s not just about being number 1 for women’s basketball

For the fi rst time ever in the history of UAA women's basketball the UAA women are the best NCAA Division II squad in the nation. It's not a small feat for a team that fi nished the seaon13-14 before current head coach Tim Moser took over as head coach in 2006.

With Obama in office, here’s hoping for more civil liberties

Under the Bush administration the phrase "illegal wiretapping" became a part of the American vernacular. Some Americans accepted this disgraceful act as a justifi able bi-product of Homeland Security, America's war against those nasty little terrorists while others proclaimed it to be a step toward full-blown fascism.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to buying books

When the bookstore opened on Wednesday, thousands of students shuffled in and out, selling back old books and purchasing new ones for the semester to come. Most had bulging, heavy bags that swung awkwardly as they quickly scampered out into the cold of the Student Union parking lot.

Turning corporate loss into co-op gain

Newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. They're going out of business and being swallowed up by the Internet. The news is now easier to retrieve digitally than it is to print. Yet papers are still bought and sold. Not just by consumers, but by large corporate conglomerates.

Short library hours a nusance

Students live busy lives, and there's no way around it. Students have to manage their lives around work, class and family schedules to make sure that they get all of their work done. For many who utilize the library, having broad, accessible times is a necessity in order to get their work done.

It’s not just about party politics this year

Before the polls had even closed in Alaska, Americans had learned that Barack Obama had been elected the 44th president. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most controversial presidential races in the history of the U.S. With the early outcome last Tuesday night, the blogs, status updates and comments have made their stand with equally impassioned statements of every opinion.

New Seawolf mascot should have received student input

Athletic mascots represent not only a university sponsored sports team but also the students of the school they play for. In order to accurately represent the athletic team, the mascot should have some connection to the student body as well. The new design for the Seawolf mascot, Spirit, was unveiled at the 2008 Kendall Hockey Classic with mixed feelings.

Crime statistics offer uneasy answers

Living in a state with the highest rate of sexual assaults per capita, it is reassuring to know that only one of the 257 rapes reported in Anchorage in 2007 occurred at UAA. The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act require that every university that participate in federal student aid programs must disclose information about crime on their campuses.

If we can’t keep our stuff safe on campus, where can we?

Part of going green depends on students taking it upon themselves to reduce the carbon footprint that they produce, which usually seems to entail driving less and biking more. But every school year, it gets harder and harder to see the incentive of that. Especially when a student brings his or her bike to school just for it to get stolen.

Home is the best place for those who are ill

When the sniffles and aches knock on the door, most Americans forgo staying at home, resting and waiting to feel better. We are sickness warriors out to conquer our life as if nothing has happened. With plenty of people sharing one relatively small space, campus is the ideal breeding ground for organisms that cause illness.

Display may offend, but principles still apply

Like last semester, when the student group "Right to Life" held a display outside of Cuddy quad, The Northern Light newsroom dealt with numerous calls condemning the action of the group. Emotions ran high on both sides, and even the chancellor was compelled to send out a mass e-mail informing students that the group's action fell into First Amendment territory, and that they had the right to stage the demonstration.

Cyclists shouldn’t blame cars, need to be alert

Even though gas prices maybe slowly coming down, the still higher than average price is forcing more people to find alternate modes of transportation. For the active type, hopping on a bike is one of the more efficient (and wallet friendly) forms of transportation.

Anniversary reminds that some issues never change

We're not trying to be self-serving, but baby, we've come a long way as little newspaper dedicated to the students at UAA. This week, we're celebrating the merger of the Anchorage Community College Accent and the University Voice into one paper - The Northern Light.

UAA students have no excuse not to vote in November

The Nov. 4 general election of 2008 might be one of the most historic elections in America with the first black man on the Democrat ticket to be nominated for president and the first woman to be nominated to a Republican ticket for vice president. But the general elections also hold important races for Alaskan political positions in the US Senate and House of Representatives.

Voice of the students still subject to University procedures

The campus newspaper operates with student fees, ad revenue and with the blessings of UAA, which provides office space. When everything is running smoothly the paper is written during the week, produced over the weekend, printed on Monday, and distributed on Tuesday.

Student senators need to remember who they serve

The point of an elected government is to have a singular individual appointed to represent the ideas and interests of a larger collective body. In recent months Alaskans have watched local politicians face charges of corruption and bribery. The individuals elected to serve the people forgot, and instead looked to serve themselves and not the interest of their constituents.

Stop complaining and start campaigning

Free beer! Naked! Sex! Does that get your attention? With presidential nominees more or less finalized and congressional campaigns taking off, politicians are going to work toward getting students' attention for elections late in the year. Luckily for us, Obama doesn't have a saxophone, and so far McCain hasn't sported a "Vote or die" T-shirt yet.

Bad accessibility makes new garage a poor fit

While a new parking garage may bring relief from snow and rain, it won't ease the congestion found on other parts of campus or add ease of use to a campus already lacking in accessibility. So the addition of a new parking garage seems unfounded. While more parking is always a welcome relief for students, a parking garage on the edge of campus will not ease the issues students have with parking to begin with.

Graduation brings new leadership at paper

As another round of graduates prepare to leave UAA and move out into the working world, some may be shocked to find that having a degree doesn't signify much in itself. It says that someone can read and remember basic information. It says that someone can stick to a goal for years and see it to completion.