Becoming a society member

You open up the mail and receive a letter that says “Congratulations! Your outstanding grades and/or achievements have opened up the opportunity to be...

It’s not just about being number 1 for women’s basketball

For the fi rst time ever in the history of UAA women's basketball the UAA women are the best NCAA Division II squad in the nation. It's not a small feat for a team that fi nished the seaon13-14 before current head coach Tim Moser took over as head coach in 2006.

The artists have not left Anchorage

The MTS Gallery is closing its doors after five years of operation. The gallery was the stomping ground of many local artists. A spot where creative minds could mingle, contemplate both art and current issues, as well as entertain. In other words, it was a community fixture, and it is now being demolished. Located in one of Anchorage’s oldest neighborhoods, the Mountain View gallery’s closing party aptly titled “The Artists Have Left the Building,” showcased that the artistic space was capable of bringing people together. MTS Gallery was not unsuccessful.

Criticism surrounds controversial cover choice

The August 2013 cover of Rolling Stone magazine is the subject of national buzz lately. It doesn’t feature a glammed-up actress or a bedazzling...

Make your opinion heard: Don’t just complain about issues, vote

USUAA realized their election broke a record for the number of ballots they received after the April 8 and April 9 ballots were tallied. Unofficially, 1,101 ballots were counted, beating the previous record of 1,054, according to an e-mail from Sarah Roberson, chair of the Election Board.