Letter From The Editor: Women’s History Month

Welcome to The Northern Light’s Women’s History Month special edition. This is not the “feminist” or “angry girl” edition. The purpose of this week’s newspaper is to shine light on topics frequently ignored by mainstream society.

Don’t cut the Alaska Performance Scholarhip

Dear Alaska State Legislators,Seven of my 16 staff are able to go to school because of the Alaska Performance Scholarship. Without it each of...

Beat finals week stress on campus

Every year finals come, and every year everyone acts like a big surprise. But really, why? Generally we all know that the projects we have due have been due at this exact date since - well, the beginning of the semester. But still, the fact that students are students leads to the inevitable procrastination and final push to the finish to learn everything we should have learned over the last four months.

Alaska’s offshore oil reserves meager

Oil and gas prices continue to run high, and dependence on foreign oil is sticking in the collective American craw. How humiliating, to not...

Battling homesickness for adventure

It’s the little things that make my eyes water and my stomach clench. Sweat beads on the brow of my lip at 10 a.m. The...

Obama’s support of same-sex marriage won’t hurt him

It has been roughly three weeks since President Barack Obama has publicly voiced his support of gay marriage, and both critics and supporters of...

Make your opinion heard: Don’t just complain about issues, vote

USUAA realized their election broke a record for the number of ballots they received after the April 8 and April 9 ballots were tallied. Unofficially, 1,101 ballots were counted, beating the previous record of 1,054, according to an e-mail from Sarah Roberson, chair of the Election Board.

Poop and mold should open communication

There are a lot of smells that could make a student living in on-campus housing not want to go home. A roommate’s funky culinary extravaganzas,...

Intersection needs change

It's two minutes until your class starts and you are stuck behind an endless line of cars heading toward UAA. Somehow you've caught most of the traffic lights on red and now you're hoping time will magically stand still so you will make it to class on time.

Philippine media: Silencing the press builds ignorance in society

OPINION: According to Mizelle Mayo's research, the Philippines was rated the third most “ignorant” country by Ipsos’s “The Perils of Perception 2017.”

Cyclists shouldn’t blame cars, need to be alert

Even though gas prices maybe slowly coming down, the still higher than average price is forcing more people to find alternate modes of transportation. For the active type, hopping on a bike is one of the more efficient (and wallet friendly) forms of transportation.

Repealing the big oil giveaway is a smart move for Alaskans

There is not a lack of interest in Alaska’s oil supply. So the old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” is not...

Energy advisory system requires independent participation to be effective

A new color-coded advisory system has recently been instituted in reference to the potential natural gas shortage and may very well become as common...

Bill helps, but responsibility for education lies with students

The College Cost Reduction and Access Act will raise federal financial aid by $20 billion, the single largest increase since the GI Bill in 1944. President Bush signed the new bill into law Sept. 27. The bill will decrease interest rates on federal student loans and gradually increase the maximum amount for the Pell grant.

Thank you for making our education a little bit more affordable, Mr. Kennedy

The late Sen. Ted Kennedy may have made some mistakes, many of them coming back into the spotlight after his death. He was not perfect, but during his tenure in the US Senate, he strived for the perfection of government; perfection that it would seem was driven by his overwhelming desire to give the people a better tomorrow.

Tuition rises every year, students foot the bill

A bachelor’s degree is generally viewed as a four-year degree, although it seems as though that view is a little bit outdated since many...

If we can’t keep our stuff safe on campus, where can we?

Part of going green depends on students taking it upon themselves to reduce the carbon footprint that they produce, which usually seems to entail driving less and biking more. But every school year, it gets harder and harder to see the incentive of that. Especially when a student brings his or her bike to school just for it to get stolen.

Presidential search committee needs to send representitive to UAS campus

In the search for a new University of Alaska President, there has been a great deal of emphasis put on how they are looking...

It’s not just about being number 1 for women’s basketball

For the fi rst time ever in the history of UAA women's basketball the UAA women are the best NCAA Division II squad in the nation. It's not a small feat for a team that fi nished the seaon13-14 before current head coach Tim Moser took over as head coach in 2006.

Stop complaining and start campaigning

Free beer! Naked! Sex! Does that get your attention? With presidential nominees more or less finalized and congressional campaigns taking off, politicians are going to work toward getting students' attention for elections late in the year. Luckily for us, Obama doesn't have a saxophone, and so far McCain hasn't sported a "Vote or die" T-shirt yet.

Bigger paycheck no cure for corrupt characters

In a classic study conducted at Stanford University in 1959, a subject is asked to perform a boring task, then bribed to convince someone else that it's more fun than it really is. In other words, to lie. Some are bribed $1. Others, $20. When they have to do the boring task again, those who sold out for a buck tend to rate it as pretty fun, while those who lied for $20 remain unenthusiastic.

Why I will vote for Rebecca Logan

OPINION editor Caleb Berry says Rebecca Logan "is the superior candidate" for Mayor of Anchorage "due to her position on law enforcement and fiscal matters."

Why Juneteenth is more than just a barbecue

Collard greens, barbecued chicken, peach cobbler — combine these soul foods and some blues or jazz music with a large group of people, and...

Editorial: UAA fails to light dark paths

Being afraid of the dark is not a childhood fear — not in Alaska and not in any city.

Friends’ funerals should never trump birthday parties in frequency: Free STI testing on campus

A penis or tongue can fit into three holes commonly associated with the loss of virginity. If you’ve been putting or receiving a body part in any of those holes, you should take advantage of the free STI testing taking place from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Feb. 13 in the Student Health and Counseling Center in Room 116/120 of Rasmuson Hall.

Raising age of compulsory education is unhelpful

U.S. colleges are the best in the world because they treat their students with respect. To a greater degree than high school, college centers...

Express UAA’s needs to new UA president

A changing of the guard has taken place at the University of Alaska. As has been reported on extensively since former-President Mark Hamilton announced...

Parnell shows favor for Palin over public interest

More nonsense out of Juneau this week. This time however, it had nothing to do with the Senate and House engaging in who-can-hold-their-breath-longer games. No, this time the shocking and disappointing behavior came straight from the governor’s office. As governor, Sean Parnell has made some bold moves this term, for better or worse. Most recently, his office announced that the long-awaited release of former Governor Sarah Palin’s emails would only be made available via one hard copy in Juneau, beginning last Friday.

An open letter to the Alaska State Legislature

Opinion Editor Caleb Berry asks Alaska's legislators to accept and pass the UA Board of Regents proposed budget of $341 million.