Do you feel safe on campus?

Written by, Ashley Snyder, Executive Editor Tulsi Patil, Managing Editor In the wake of the assaults in the past few weeks at UAA, there is a growing...

Develop sustainable habits to last a lifetime

The garbage can is a place most people visit several times a day. If it talked, it could be a person's best friend, because it's probably visited more than human friends. Have you ever thought about ways to reduce trips to the garbage? Most people have talked about the importance of making our world more sustainable.

‘Not enough money’ is a poor excuse for tuition hikes

The tuition increase proposed for the University of Alaska system is unwarranted. While most people can understand and appreciate the fact that the proposed...

Terrifying job market looms for grads

With graduation looming, students face the challenge of entering the real world, hoping to find success in their endeavors. Recently, the real world has...

If we can’t keep our stuff safe on campus, where can we?

Part of going green depends on students taking it upon themselves to reduce the carbon footprint that they produce, which usually seems to entail driving less and biking more. But every school year, it gets harder and harder to see the incentive of that. Especially when a student brings his or her bike to school just for it to get stolen.

Anniversary reminds that some issues never change

We're not trying to be self-serving, but baby, we've come a long way as little newspaper dedicated to the students at UAA. This week, we're celebrating the merger of the Anchorage Community College Accent and the University Voice into one paper - The Northern Light.

Bad accessibility makes new garage a poor fit

While a new parking garage may bring relief from snow and rain, it won't ease the congestion found on other parts of campus or add ease of use to a campus already lacking in accessibility. So the addition of a new parking garage seems unfounded. While more parking is always a welcome relief for students, a parking garage on the edge of campus will not ease the issues students have with parking to begin with.

Student apathy hinders campus progress

For what may very well have been the first time ever, student leaders are making serious efforts to work together for the benefit of...

Make your opinion heard: Don’t just complain about issues, vote

USUAA realized their election broke a record for the number of ballots they received after the April 8 and April 9 ballots were tallied. Unofficially, 1,101 ballots were counted, beating the previous record of 1,054, according to an e-mail from Sarah Roberson, chair of the Election Board.

Student government representatives don’t represent

If you've spent any time at all on campus the last several weeks, you've probably noticed the abundance of campaigning posters for USUAA president covering bulletin boards, all of them promising something - better leadership, an improved parking situation, lower tuition or just a change in general.

Professors’ guide to improve teaching style

The Northern Light has compiled this guide as an example of the positive and negative teaching styles seen on campus. Please note that most professors fall to the positive side, but every instructor can benefit from seeing the students' perspective on effective learning.

Tuition rises every year, students foot the bill

A bachelor’s degree is generally viewed as a four-year degree, although it seems as though that view is a little bit outdated since many...

Pregnancy, gender, race and religion not as important as actions and policies

The news is always buzzing with information about government officials. After all, the public should know what decisions theses officials are making for the people they represent. However, lately many local and national news sources are failing to deliver pertinent information to the public.

Smaller gender gap brings new view of feminism

Is a new feminism in existence now - one both men and women are embracing but may not notice? Though the old feminism movement to win rights for women is still in existence for some, many women and men are part of a new form of feminism, one that allows the past form to influence them but doesn't guide their lives.

Persecuted for faith: Christians in Egypt

It is a tragedy when human rights are violated. Targeted violence against a group of people is never acceptable. It is a sad reality...

Abortion legislation gains momentum nation-wide

There are few issues more combustible than abortion.  Disagreements on fiscal policy or healthcare have entirely different consequences than do disagreements on abortion.  Abortion...

Proposed bike plan needs our support

Both citizens and assembly members are pushing for a new bike plan to be instituted in Anchorage. This new bike plan could potentially introduce numerous...

Why I will vote for Rebecca Logan

OPINION editor Caleb Berry says Rebecca Logan "is the superior candidate" for Mayor of Anchorage "due to her position on law enforcement and fiscal matters."

UAA Confessions page is not a counseling service

Recently, a Facebook page entitled “UAA Confessions” appeared on the TNL Facebook wall asking us to “like” them. We did.

Extending I/M test frequency still maintains air quality

The Anchorage assembly will soon debate whether or not to end the city's emissions testing program. Vehicle owners are currently required to retest vehicles biannually, with exceptions for the first four model years of a vehicle's existence. According to the municipality Web site, the Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program started in 1985 to cut back carbon monoxide pollution from Anchorage vehicles.

Voice of the students still subject to University procedures

The campus newspaper operates with student fees, ad revenue and with the blessings of UAA, which provides office space. When everything is running smoothly the paper is written during the week, produced over the weekend, printed on Monday, and distributed on Tuesday.

UA nondiscrimination policy is obsolete

The University of Alaska’s nondiscrimination policy needs to be ushered into the 21st century. What will bring this policy up-to-date is the addition of LGBT...

Display may offend, but principles still apply

Like last semester, when the student group "Right to Life" held a display outside of Cuddy quad, The Northern Light newsroom dealt with numerous calls condemning the action of the group. Emotions ran high on both sides, and even the chancellor was compelled to send out a mass e-mail informing students that the group's action fell into First Amendment territory, and that they had the right to stage the demonstration.

The never-ending story of graduation

Dear departing seniors, as the semester draws to a close, so does the year — congratulations, you have done it! For many of you, the last few years have been the most different and difficult from anything you have ever known.

Gov. Parnell needs our support for the proposed performance scholarship

Governor Parnell’s proposed performance scholarship is in danger of being shot down by the Legislature. This is bad news for both Alaska’s youth as well...

Next chancellor needs to push for more infrastructure

With the opening of the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building opening at the beginning of the current academic year playing the role of her crowning...

Partisan politics should be laid to rest

Partisan politics are tearing apart our country. The recent election of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is a prime example of this as is the...

A critique of power is not critique of identity

If you have had the misfortune to hear a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos or Richard Spencer, or heard conservative mouthpieces such as Tomi Lahren...

Aziz Ansari is guilty, but so are we

"We use verbal and non-verbal cues in our everyday lives in a variety of circumstances. Ansari should not be given a free pass for supposedly missing Grace’s repeated cues, and people should not blame her for feeling pressured and unable to give explicit refusal."

Cyclists shouldn’t blame cars, need to be alert

Even though gas prices maybe slowly coming down, the still higher than average price is forcing more people to find alternate modes of transportation. For the active type, hopping on a bike is one of the more efficient (and wallet friendly) forms of transportation.