Taking more than a five minute break

Everyone already knows how important it is to take a five-minute break while studying and working. These mini-breaks increase productivity and brain power. But what about a semester long break?...

Crime statistics offer uneasy answers

Living in a state with the highest rate of sexual assaults per capita, it is reassuring to know that only one of the 257 rapes reported in Anchorage in 2007 occurred at UAA. The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act require that every university that participate in federal student aid programs must disclose information about crime on their campuses.

The controversial, non-existent holiday tree

In recent weeks, we’ve been going down the line of states to see which will dare to call their amply decorated and brightly lit spruce trees Christmas trees or holiday trees. In Rhode Island, it’s a holiday tree, though calling it so cause much grief for Gov. Chafee.

Tuition rises every year, students foot the bill

A bachelor’s degree is generally viewed as a four-year degree, although it seems as though that view is a little bit outdated since many...

Prioritizing your future

Sometimes it is hard to look into the future optimistically. There is always going to be something along the path has not gone the way you had planned. There is always going to be some hope that burns inside you but slowly fades away as you realize that it may not be as attainable as hoped.

Group projects are a waste of students’ time

As the semester grinds along, thoughts of many students turn to upcoming midterms, reports and other projects that inevitably punctuate the spring months. The greatest fear among many students is that one of them will become a group project, which is probably the thing most-hated by students since cafeteria food.

Hanging in there at the end of a semester

The snow and slippery ice on the streets is becoming a permanent fixture around town. Next, turkey will be in our bellies, and holiday decorations will be carefully strung through trees and lining sidewalks.

A responsibility to the UAA community

It comes up every semester: Student organizations and UAA administrations are sometimes surprised and even upset to discover The Northern Light's mission does not include promoting the agenda of any UAA department or organization. It is an independent organization, over which they have no authority or influence.

Student apathy hinders campus progress

For what may very well have been the first time ever, student leaders are making serious efforts to work together for the benefit of...

Repealing the big oil giveaway is a smart move for Alaskans

There is not a lack of interest in Alaska’s oil supply. So the old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” is not...

Short library hours a nusance

Students live busy lives, and there's no way around it. Students have to manage their lives around work, class and family schedules to make sure that they get all of their work done. For many who utilize the library, having broad, accessible times is a necessity in order to get their work done.

Departure highlights systemwide problems

We all knew it was coming. But now that Chancellor Elaine Maimon has officially announced her resignation at UAA to accept a position as president of Governors State University in Illinois, the questions linger. When Maimon announced her resignation, she said it was in part because she wanted to work at a school where she could have an impact on the policies in effect.

UA nondiscrimination policy is obsolete

The University of Alaska’s nondiscrimination policy needs to be ushered into the 21st century. What will bring this policy up-to-date is the addition of LGBT...

Develop sustainable habits to last a lifetime

The garbage can is a place most people visit several times a day. If it talked, it could be a person's best friend, because it's probably visited more than human friends. Have you ever thought about ways to reduce trips to the garbage? Most people have talked about the importance of making our world more sustainable.

Old politics holds new generation hostage

There is this idea that America has somehow lost some of its magic. There is this idea out there, put out by both sides of...

With Obama in office, here’s hoping for more civil liberties

Under the Bush administration the phrase "illegal wiretapping" became a part of the American vernacular. Some Americans accepted this disgraceful act as a justifi able bi-product of Homeland Security, America's war against those nasty little terrorists while others proclaimed it to be a step toward full-blown fascism.

Express UAA’s needs to new UA president

A changing of the guard has taken place at the University of Alaska. As has been reported on extensively since former-President Mark Hamilton announced...

Friends’ funerals should never trump birthday parties in frequency: Free STI testing on campus

A penis or tongue can fit into three holes commonly associated with the loss of virginity. If you’ve been putting or receiving a body part in any of those holes, you should take advantage of the free STI testing taking place from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Feb. 13 in the Student Health and Counseling Center in Room 116/120 of Rasmuson Hall.

Before tragedy finds you, seize the day

In the wake of a tragedy, people sometimes stop to reflect on their lives and think about the things that they could have done...

Strong voter turnout leaves room for alternatives

There are two positive outcomes from the 2008 presidential primary. Presidential candidates are slowly taking more notice of Alaska, and better yet, Alaska residents are getting more involved with politics. As a result, Super Tuesday set a record in Alaska for the caucus turnout but revealed flaws in the caucus setup.

Abortion legislation gains momentum nation-wide

There are few issues more combustible than abortion.  Disagreements on fiscal policy or healthcare have entirely different consequences than do disagreements on abortion.  Abortion...

Condoms to promote healthy sexuality week

Last week The Northern Light included a condom on 4,500 of the 5,000 issues we circulate both on campus and within the greater UAA community in an effort to promote Healthy Sexuality Week. While we received praise for our issue - and the inclusion of the condoms - we also received backlash.

Why Juneteenth is more than just a barbecue

Collard greens, barbecued chicken, peach cobbler — combine these soul foods and some blues or jazz music with a large group of people, and...

Ignoring massacres doesn’t prevent future violence

When hearing the news that a deranged shooter killed five innocent people at Northern Illinois University, people can react many different ways. Sadness. Anger. Fear. Some, though, might respond with a "So what? Another school shooting doesn't really affect me.

Budget cuts to come from soldiers’ wallets

We were warned two months ago that the greatest threat to our national security was our national debt by Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Today, Mullen is scrambling to find nearly one trillion dollars in cuts for the defense budget.

Student’s death was an unnecessary tragedy

UAA student Ilia Ipatov was driving along Dowling Road in the early morning of Thursday, April 5, when an SUV crossed the median, rode over his small Acura and killed him. He would have graduated this fall. The culprit in this accident wasn't alcohol. It wasn't even a lack of seatbelt use.

UAA summer dining options needed

School has started and people have begun flooding back to campus. After summer when the Student Union tends to be a ghost town, it...

Permanent Fund investments need to change

Alaska legislators need to act fast and pass a bill designed to stop the Alaska Permanent Fund from investing in companies operating in Sudan. House Bill 287 "mandates targeted divestment and prohibits future investment in the state managed PFD and Pension Funds in targeted companies that do business awith Sudan," according to the House Majority Web site.

Make your opinion heard: Don’t just complain about issues, vote

USUAA realized their election broke a record for the number of ballots they received after the April 8 and April 9 ballots were tallied. Unofficially, 1,101 ballots were counted, beating the previous record of 1,054, according to an e-mail from Sarah Roberson, chair of the Election Board.

Summer bus fee should be option for student workers

Despite the gloom and overall lack of greenness, summer has arrived. While most students will go away to visit family or find some other adventure to occupy their summer vacations, some will continue to come to campus several days of the week to work a student job and earn some extra money.