Journalists for the busy modern students

Journalism should amplify the conversations that people are already having.  At The Northern Light, that’s what we try to do. Journalists often report on what...

Students should be involved on campus

UAA, and the rest of the University of Alaska campuses for that matter, are viewed in a negative light, which is unfair. A lot of...

It’s not just about party politics this year

Before the polls had even closed in Alaska, Americans had learned that Barack Obama had been elected the 44th president. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most controversial presidential races in the history of the U.S. With the early outcome last Tuesday night, the blogs, status updates and comments have made their stand with equally impassioned statements of every opinion.

Anniversary reminds that some issues never change

We're not trying to be self-serving, but baby, we've come a long way as little newspaper dedicated to the students at UAA. This week, we're celebrating the merger of the Anchorage Community College Accent and the University Voice into one paper - The Northern Light.

Senate filibusters need to be abolished

By Caleb Berry In the practice of creating political spectacles there is no technique more spectacular or theatrical than the filibuster. The mere threat by...

Philippine media: Silencing the press builds ignorance in society

OPINION: According to Mizelle Mayo's research, the Philippines was rated the third most “ignorant” country by Ipsos’s “The Perils of Perception 2017.”

Setting personal goals is the key to success

It’s happened to everyone. On the first day of class, backpacks are full of clean notebook paper, a half-dozen pens, and a multicolor tipped highlighter....

Abortion legislation gains momentum nation-wide

There are few issues more combustible than abortion.  Disagreements on fiscal policy or healthcare have entirely different consequences than do disagreements on abortion.  Abortion...

Qaddafi’s death shines light on Obama’s foreign policy

After last week’s news of Libyan Dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi’s death, people struggled to find meaning in Colonel’s demise.  Besides the question of what comes...

Graduation brings new leadership at paper

As another round of graduates prepare to leave UAA and move out into the working world, some may be shocked to find that having a degree doesn't signify much in itself. It says that someone can read and remember basic information. It says that someone can stick to a goal for years and see it to completion.

Thank you for making our education a little bit more affordable, Mr. Kennedy

The late Sen. Ted Kennedy may have made some mistakes, many of them coming back into the spotlight after his death. He was not perfect, but during his tenure in the US Senate, he strived for the perfection of government; perfection that it would seem was driven by his overwhelming desire to give the people a better tomorrow.

Green Fee: It’s your money, spend it

Our voice was heard. The student body collectively decided to add $3 to student fees for those taking three or more credit hours in the November 2011 general election at UAA.

Letter From The Editor: Women’s History Month

Welcome to The Northern Light’s Women’s History Month special edition. This is not the “feminist” or “angry girl” edition. The purpose of this week’s newspaper is to shine light on topics frequently ignored by mainstream society.

Alaska’s offshore oil reserves meager

Oil and gas prices continue to run high, and dependence on foreign oil is sticking in the collective American craw. How humiliating, to not...

Student’s death was an unnecessary tragedy

UAA student Ilia Ipatov was driving along Dowling Road in the early morning of Thursday, April 5, when an SUV crossed the median, rode over his small Acura and killed him. He would have graduated this fall. The culprit in this accident wasn't alcohol. It wasn't even a lack of seatbelt use.

Hockey team deserves a home in new arena

No doubt by now most people are aware that UAA is about to get a new $109 million sports arena that will house their...

Moral ambiguity explains why we won’t intervene on another’s behalf

The Penn State investigation has led most to question not only how someone could commit such acts, but also how other people could fail...

With Obama in office, here’s hoping for more civil liberties

Under the Bush administration the phrase "illegal wiretapping" became a part of the American vernacular. Some Americans accepted this disgraceful act as a justifi able bi-product of Homeland Security, America's war against those nasty little terrorists while others proclaimed it to be a step toward full-blown fascism.

Sometimes not saying anything is best option, especially when using Twitter

Here at The Northern Light, we like to think we're pretty hip - especially when it comes to technology. Even more so when it comes to social networking sites. Most of us came of age around the same time as MySpace and Facebook, and have spent most of our formative years immersed in the sites our parents all thought of as "devious.

Incentives, not investments

The Federal Government’s recently failed bet on the future success of solar panel start-up Solyndra wasted roughly half a billion dollars of taxpayer money....

Talking about sustainability pointless without cleaning up our own act first

Spring is here, according to our calendars. Trees are budding, flowers beginning to bloom, young men's fancies lightly turning to thoughts of love - the whole nine yards. At least, that's probably the story further south where spring really does start on March 21; here, if we're lucky, we get temperatures edging into the 40s and enough sun to turn mounds of dirty snow into gritty mud, plus standing water where the ground is still too frozen to absorb any of it.

Highway fatalities can be prevented

In light of the recent and tragic accidents, especially those involving serious injuries and fatalities, it seems prudent to address the issue of dangerous...

Old politics holds new generation hostage

There is this idea that America has somehow lost some of its magic. There is this idea out there, put out by both sides of...

Don’t cut the Alaska Performance Scholarhip

Dear Alaska State Legislators,Seven of my 16 staff are able to go to school because of the Alaska Performance Scholarship. Without it each of...

Prioritizing your future

Sometimes it is hard to look into the future optimistically. There is always going to be something along the path has not gone the way you had planned. There is always going to be some hope that burns inside you but slowly fades away as you realize that it may not be as attainable as hoped.

Divorce is a high possibility regardless of age, marrying young raises those risks

Marriage is a complicated thing, and for students, it is something that has all the odds stacked against it. But it's also a lack of motivation and an unwillingness to put work into a relationship that can often cause rifts in the relationship. Between busy work schedules and classes, the modern marriage can become more stressful than helpful.

Campus commuting fails another semester

What did we learn the first week back to school? We learned that driving around UAA is downright infuriating and can turn even the...

Revolution gets an image update in Northeastern Africa

At least once every generation something profound happens that changes the tide of history. And by profound I mean even those of us nose...

Live and let live: A defense of the Christian baker

OPINION: Every day, we awake in a nation where religious freedom is a guarantee to every person; rights rarely come free. One citizen by the name of Jack Philips is currently fighting for his rights and deserves our support.

Sunshine in government maintains accountability

In a government for the people and by the people, one would think secrets from the people wouldn't be common. But they are. For example, when The Northern Light showed up uninvited to a low-key UAA Board of Advisors Feb. 23 meeting in which UA President Mark Hamilton was to discuss interim chancellor candidates, our reporters were met with apprehension.