Samantha Koenig: a tragic wake-up call

It seemed like a scene out of a movie: a pretty young woman working late, alone and probably without a care in the world — until out of nowhere a man takes her by gunpoint to an unknown location, probably never to be seen again.

Student senators need to remember who they serve

The point of an elected government is to have a singular individual appointed to represent the ideas and interests of a larger collective body. In recent months Alaskans have watched local politicians face charges of corruption and bribery. The individuals elected to serve the people forgot, and instead looked to serve themselves and not the interest of their constituents.

MLK day should be passed with reverence

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream: an end to discrimination and racial equality for all Americans. The prominent activist’s famous 17-minute speech was...

Green Fee: It’s your money, spend it

Our voice was heard. The student body collectively decided to add $3 to student fees for those taking three or more credit hours in the November 2011 general election at UAA.

New dining provider not fulfilling expectations

At the end of last year, UAA eagerly anticipated revived dining on campus. Aramark was out and replacing it was NANA Management Services, a combination of co-owners NANA Regional Corp Inc., a Native corporation, and Sodexho, the largest food-service provider in the country.

Why UAA should be a concealed carry campus

Under specific circumstances, even students are permitted to carry firearms on campus.

With more civility and public input, government could be more efficient

People do not expect their governing bodies to be models of efficiency, but the people do expect government to get things done. Unfortunately, things are...

Budget cuts to come from soldiers’ wallets

We were warned two months ago that the greatest threat to our national security was our national debt by Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Today, Mullen is scrambling to find nearly one trillion dollars in cuts for the defense budget.

Philippine media: Silencing the press builds ignorance in society

OPINION: According to Mizelle Mayo's research, the Philippines was rated the third most “ignorant” country by Ipsos’s “The Perils of Perception 2017.”

Balancing our industry and our animals

These days mankind seems to lose sight of the future and only think of ways to make a quick buck. Instead of that limited approach, we should be focusing on the longevity of our planet and how we’re going to keep our grandchildren fed.

Occupy Wall Street needs to capitalize on the moment with specific action

It’s the Tea Party with fewer wrinkles. Yes, that’s how you might characterize the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement spreading across the country. Undoubtedly, the two groups share similarities.

Student apathy hinders campus progress

For what may very well have been the first time ever, student leaders are making serious efforts to work together for the benefit of...

Foreign or not, hockey coach should stay

UAA Athletic Director Steve Cobb announced Jan. 26 that the search for a men's hockey coach has concluded. This might come as a surprise to many, considering the Seawolves already have a hockey coach in Dave Shyiak, who has served since June 2005. He's the same coach who last season produced 10 student-athletes on the WCHA all-academic team, and this season has lead the Division I Seawolves to a Nye Frontier Classic win and victories over national powers Wisconsin and Colorado College, while also recapturing the Governor's Cup from rival UAF.

It’s the economy again, stupid

If you are looking for a presidential campaign laden with social issues and tough talk on terrorism talk, look again. The 2012 election will be based on the economy, if we’re lucky. In recent years, presidential campaigns have focused on a variety of issues, regardless of the President’s actual power over them while in office.

Stop complaining and start campaigning

Free beer! Naked! Sex! Does that get your attention? With presidential nominees more or less finalized and congressional campaigns taking off, politicians are going to work toward getting students' attention for elections late in the year. Luckily for us, Obama doesn't have a saxophone, and so far McCain hasn't sported a "Vote or die" T-shirt yet.

Occupy an idea

It’s painful to think the revolution of Generation Y will be remembered as a joke. It hurts to think that we will be remembered as jobless, homeless vagabonds who started the Occupy Wall Street movement a year ago Sept. 17.

UPD and other safety advocates make University a safer place

Safety is, or at least should be, a high priority for everyone, and UAA students are not and should not be an exception. UAA does...

What accredidation means to students

As many students don’t know, UAA is just finishing up a lengthy reaccreditation process. The process is important because if all of the colleges...

Bad accessibility makes new garage a poor fit

While a new parking garage may bring relief from snow and rain, it won't ease the congestion found on other parts of campus or add ease of use to a campus already lacking in accessibility. So the addition of a new parking garage seems unfounded. While more parking is always a welcome relief for students, a parking garage on the edge of campus will not ease the issues students have with parking to begin with.

Student government representatives don’t represent

If you've spent any time at all on campus the last several weeks, you've probably noticed the abundance of campaigning posters for USUAA president covering bulletin boards, all of them promising something - better leadership, an improved parking situation, lower tuition or just a change in general.

Gov. Parnell needs our support for the proposed performance scholarship

Governor Parnell’s proposed performance scholarship is in danger of being shot down by the Legislature. This is bad news for both Alaska’s youth as well...

Poop and mold should open communication

There are a lot of smells that could make a student living in on-campus housing not want to go home. A roommate’s funky culinary extravaganzas,...

Proposals to decrease Native dropout rate fall flat

A new debate hit campus this month: How can UAA stop 60 percent of a student population from dropping out in their freshman year? Alaska Natives, who took 4,244 credit hours or 8 percent of the credits at the university last spring according to Office of Planning, Research and Assessment, are dropping like flies.

UAA benefits from employing tenured faculty

While there are exceptions to this ruling, under current policy, to be a tenured professor within the University of Alaska system more or less means that he or she cannot be fired. The reason this makes UAA a higher quality university is because it protects and encourages freedom of thought and speech.

Revolution gets an image update in Northeastern Africa

At least once every generation something profound happens that changes the tide of history. And by profound I mean even those of us nose...

Student loans should aid, not hinder

Financial aid is confusing. To start with there are nine overall steps to getting your financial aid. Of course, these are just general steps –...

Younger generatioin should be listening carefully to Social Security debate too

Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, Rachel, once lamented after receiving her very first paycheck, “Who’s FICA?  Why’s he getting all of my money?”  Rachel...

Incentives, not investments

The Federal Government’s recently failed bet on the future success of solar panel start-up Solyndra wasted roughly half a billion dollars of taxpayer money....

Abortion legislation gains momentum nation-wide

There are few issues more combustible than abortion.  Disagreements on fiscal policy or healthcare have entirely different consequences than do disagreements on abortion.  Abortion...

Battling homesickness for adventure

It’s the little things that make my eyes water and my stomach clench. Sweat beads on the brow of my lip at 10 a.m. The...