Proposals to decrease Native dropout rate fall flat

A new debate hit campus this month: How can UAA stop 60 percent of a student population from dropping out in their freshman year? Alaska Natives, who took 4,244 credit hours or 8 percent of the credits at the university last spring according to Office of Planning, Research and Assessment, are dropping like flies.

Greek life promotes success, community for students

Students who participate in Greek Life organizations tend to perform better academically than those who do not, Berry says.

Looking out for and protecting against scams

By this point in time, most people know that when someone e-mails or calls you on behalf of a Nigerian prince, he or she...

Repealing the big oil giveaway is a smart move for Alaskans

There is not a lack of interest in Alaska’s oil supply. So the old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” is not...

Raising age of compulsory education is unhelpful

U.S. colleges are the best in the world because they treat their students with respect. To a greater degree than high school, college centers...

Attack campaigns not good for anyone

In the gubernatorial candidates’ final debate before the general election, Governor and Republican candidate Sean Parnell brought up a very good topic for discussion...

Professors’ guide to improve teaching style

The Northern Light has compiled this guide as an example of the positive and negative teaching styles seen on campus. Please note that most professors fall to the positive side, but every instructor can benefit from seeing the students' perspective on effective learning.

Strong voter turnout leaves room for alternatives

There are two positive outcomes from the 2008 presidential primary. Presidential candidates are slowly taking more notice of Alaska, and better yet, Alaska residents are getting more involved with politics. As a result, Super Tuesday set a record in Alaska for the caucus turnout but revealed flaws in the caucus setup.

Martin, Zimmerman and the media machine

The racist shot the drug dealer. If mass media is to be taken at its word, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin assume different roles each day in the revolving door of a story being broadcast on every news outlet available for the past month.

Hanging in there at the end of a semester

The snow and slippery ice on the streets is becoming a permanent fixture around town. Next, turkey will be in our bellies, and holiday decorations will be carefully strung through trees and lining sidewalks.

Vote in favor of the equal media fee split

As you all know, or should know, each student pays a hefty amount of student fees every semester. If you look closely at your bill,...

USUAA works hard, but not nearly hard enough to deserve student fee bump

Arguably, for the first time in recent history, USUAA put on a dance that was worth attending. The homecoming dance that was held on Oct. 3 was undoubtedly a success. The event was a sell out - with students lined up outside the Alaska Native Heritage Center, waiting to get into the dance the USUAA was responsible for hosting.

Friends’ funerals should never trump birthday parties in frequency: Free STI testing on campus

A penis or tongue can fit into three holes commonly associated with the loss of virginity. If you’ve been putting or receiving a body part in any of those holes, you should take advantage of the free STI testing taking place from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Feb. 13 in the Student Health and Counseling Center in Room 116/120 of Rasmuson Hall.

Presidential search committee needs to send representitive to UAS campus

In the search for a new University of Alaska President, there has been a great deal of emphasis put on how they are looking...

Letter From The Editor: Women’s History Month

Welcome to The Northern Light’s Women’s History Month special edition. This is not the “feminist” or “angry girl” edition. The purpose of this week’s newspaper is to shine light on topics frequently ignored by mainstream society.

Calorie counts on fast-food menus reveal healthier choices

With the beginning of the New Year comes the inevitable New Year's resolution to lose weight, and this year New York City decided to make it a citywide aspiration. On Jan. 22 the city's Board of Health approved new legislation that requires fast-food outlets to display calorie counts on their menus.

Sunshine in government maintains accountability

In a government for the people and by the people, one would think secrets from the people wouldn't be common. But they are. For example, when The Northern Light showed up uninvited to a low-key UAA Board of Advisors Feb. 23 meeting in which UA President Mark Hamilton was to discuss interim chancellor candidates, our reporters were met with apprehension.

Student loyalty remains close to home

The University of Alaska Southeast’s Juneau campus is small compared to the UAA campus, but to say that it is not equipped to properly...

Next chancellor needs to push for more infrastructure

With the opening of the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building opening at the beginning of the current academic year playing the role of her crowning...

July 2017 message from USUAA President Alec Burris

While I can’t say that I have escaped getting sunburnt this summer, I can say that meaningful progress has been made to improve the...

The never-ending story of graduation

Dear departing seniors, as the semester draws to a close, so does the year — congratulations, you have done it! For many of you, the last few years have been the most different and difficult from anything you have ever known.

Proposed bike plan needs our support

Both citizens and assembly members are pushing for a new bike plan to be instituted in Anchorage. This new bike plan could potentially introduce numerous...

Parnell shows favor for Palin over public interest

More nonsense out of Juneau this week. This time however, it had nothing to do with the Senate and House engaging in who-can-hold-their-breath-longer games. No, this time the shocking and disappointing behavior came straight from the governor’s office. As governor, Sean Parnell has made some bold moves this term, for better or worse. Most recently, his office announced that the long-awaited release of former Governor Sarah Palin’s emails would only be made available via one hard copy in Juneau, beginning last Friday.

Senate filibusters need to be abolished

By Caleb Berry In the practice of creating political spectacles there is no technique more spectacular or theatrical than the filibuster. The mere threat by...

If we can’t keep our stuff safe on campus, where can we?

Part of going green depends on students taking it upon themselves to reduce the carbon footprint that they produce, which usually seems to entail driving less and biking more. But every school year, it gets harder and harder to see the incentive of that. Especially when a student brings his or her bike to school just for it to get stolen.

Elmore extension is a gift with glitches

Any UAA student who lives on the south side of Anchorage and commutes to or from school during rush hour has probably cursed the Tudor Road and Lake Otis Parkway intersection at least once (and let's not kid ourselves; we've all done it plenty of times). The Seward Highway is a better alternative only part of the time.

Bill helps, but responsibility for education lies with students

The College Cost Reduction and Access Act will raise federal financial aid by $20 billion, the single largest increase since the GI Bill in 1944. President Bush signed the new bill into law Sept. 27. The bill will decrease interest rates on federal student loans and gradually increase the maximum amount for the Pell grant.

Prescription Drug Importation Is Dangerous for Alaskans

It's rare that Republicans and Democrats see eye-to- eye on healthcare reform. And yet, in early September, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Bernie Sanders...

Don’t cut the Alaska Performance Scholarhip

Dear Alaska State Legislators,Seven of my 16 staff are able to go to school because of the Alaska Performance Scholarship. Without it each of...

Where did the ‘amazing’ go and will it come back?

It has been five weeks since the introduction of the “Amazing Stories” campaign. The hype built up immensely through a week of festivities and promises of flashy commercials, great stories and a new chapter in UAA’s history. It has been four weeks since the hype died down.