Anti-discrimination laws don’t belong

March 27, 20120

The most controversial measure on the ballot this April, without doubt, is Prop 5. If passed the initiative would add…

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Religious leaders from all across the country fight Obamacare mandate

February 28, 20121

President Obama has accomplished what many thought impossible. As a result of his recent healthcare mandate, the Catholic leadership in…

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Despite reports, the 99% are getting richer too

November 1, 20110

Every revolutionary movement needs a clear enemy. The French revolutionaries had the monarchy, while the Bolsheviks had the Tsarist aristocracy.…

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Tax increase on the wealthy is unjustified

October 19, 20110

There seems to be a movement as of late pushing for a tax hike on the wealthiest Americans. This coalition…

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Technology not the cause of job loss

October 11, 20110

Technology took our jobs! That is, according to Douglas Rushkoff, who declared in his article Are Jobs Obsolete? featured on…

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The perils of a secular state: fewer kids, growth

September 28, 20110

It is now eminently clear that the European model of governance simply does not work. One by one, each of…

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Harbinger of 2012 in NYC

September 21, 20110

It’s fair to say Republicans were wrong about the efficacy of President Obama’s job creating (and/or saving) policies. Alas, my…

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The Anti-Knowledge Part’s smear campaign on Rick Perry

September 7, 20110

Texas Governor Rick Perry is now the clear frontrunner in the G.O.P. presidential primary. According to a Quinnipiac University poll…

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Life trumps right to privacy

August 9, 20110

The abortion debate is largely focused on the legal question of whether or not a woman ought to have the…

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Human History, Not Gay History

July 26, 20110

Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed Senate Bill No.48 into law, making California the first state in the Union to require…

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Stop funding European Union, Asian defense

July 12, 20110

Americans are in need of a wakeup call. Before we go the way of Greece, we must come to grips…

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Solving America’s problems: look to families, not politicians

June 28, 20110

Sunday, June 19, was the 101st anniversary of Father’s Day. Like many Americans, I gave my father a call as…

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Islam’s history supports modern violence

June 14, 20117

I would like to thank Brett Frazer for his response to my article “Islamic Violence Justifies Islamophobia,” in the May…

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French snobbery exposes elitist mentality

May 31, 20111

A common critique of American society is the extent to which inequality runs rampant. It’s all been said before; how…

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