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Melody Kalkowski

The battle for union rights in Wisconsin continues

Right now, at this very moment, there are groups of people in the state of Wisconsin who are in an uproar.  They are angry about the actions of their government.  Their actions could not only decide the fate of their bargaining rights, but the existence of their unions entirely. There has been a lot of […]

Legislation pushed in South Dakota to legalize murder

There seems to be a new go-to rhetoric in this country- that we should be able to kill those we don’t agree with. This is seriously frightening, and simply not right.  What’s worse is that this may actually have an impact on real policy, and get real people killed. Bill Maher was on The Tonight […]

Republicans campaign to strip women’s rights

There is an issue that has come up in this country, which honestly shouldn’t even be being talked about in this nation anymore.  There can be no question about the fact that bringing this subject to the debate table is cruel, heartless and is a service the government shouldn’t be able to withhold because of […]

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